“Opening a window to let out a fly and ending up with thirty midges, three wasps, two bees and an owl.”

The morning is already warm, but an every now and then wind is helping cool the air. From out my den window, I can watch the tallest branches on the tallest oak trees in the backyard swinging back and forth in the wind, but then the wind dies and everything is still, and the air feels hot in the sun. But the wind, above all else, is persistent. When it reappears, everything moves, everything sways and everything swings.

Of late, I have been tired. First was the leg and foot, 5 weeks ago, and even now the top of my foot still hurts at night but only in the smallest spot. The cold popped in next. I had sloth days of napping and resting on the couch. That worked. The only remaining cold symptom is the cough which periodically rears its ugly head. I want a sign I can carry which says I have tested three times-no Covid. It is only a cough. That almost sounds like the title for a country song.

One of Egypt’s plagues has been visited upon me, the fourth plague. When I opened the car door on Wednesday morning, flies flew out the door. More flies were in the backseat and in the trunk when I opened it to check. This morning I opened the car door again and a swarm flew out, still part of that fourth plague. I left all the windows open hoping the flies will leave for sunnier climes, but I’m not that optimistic. I watched a fly this morning walk under one window then another without finding the route to freedom. Maybe I’ll make signs.

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2 Comments on ““Opening a window to let out a fly and ending up with thirty midges, three wasps, two bees and an owl.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    The weather for the next few days will be sunny and very hot. Today our high will be only a mild 96°. All weekend and into next week it will be in the low 100s. Rain is something we haven’t had much of for the last two months. Until things change I’m no longer reporting the same weather observations. Texas in the Summer is Hot and Dry!

    When you keep trash in the trunk of your car, why are surprised to find flies? I realize you live in a place that doesn’t pick up your trash curbside, but you must have put some food source in with your trash to go to the dump. The flies have a tremendous sense of smell.

    Glad to hear that your leg and foot your are healing. There’s nothing worse than a summer cold. I refused to do a Covid test when I had a drippy nose and a cough. Unless I’m running a fever and have flu like symptoms, I’m not testing. I wonder about the accuracy of the free tests that we received from the government. I’m glad I didn’t get the 4th Covid booster vaccine. Both vaccine producers are going to come up with an Omicon Subvarient specific vaccine shortly and I’m going to get that one.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      Tomorrow we’re expecting a lot of rain with thunder and lightning. After that the days will be in the 80’s (near Boston) and the nights in the 60’s. Today here on the cape we were 11 degrees cooler than north of us.

      I haven’t had flies but one other time in years and years despite trash bags often in the trunk so I’m thinking these flies are a rarity. Bags haven’t been in the car for over a week.

      I looked up flies and their growth period (curiosity alone). Flies take 4-5 days to be full grown. I’m not sure where these came from. I opened car windows today. The flies are all gone.

      The cough is a Covid symptom which is why I tested myself. I have plenty of tests so I figured why not. Also, my uke instructor had Covid twice so testing made sense.

      Like you, I will wait for the Omicon Subvarient specific vaccine they claim will be ready for fall.

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