“Even bad coffee is better than no coffee at all.” 

Today is a delight. It is a wonderful 75˚ with a cooling breeze which, at times, fancies itself a wind. I’m going out. I have a few errands today. I’m glad for that.

My coffee this morning is delicious. It is my first taste of Nicaraguan coffee. The bag came in the mail yesterday. I remember when coffee used to come in one pound bags. Even now I say I have to pick up a pound of coffee. It sounds better than I have to pick up 12 ounces of coffee.

I don’t remember when I started drinking coffee. I know I drank it every morning in college. I used to meet my friends in the canteen every day. We’d read the paper then do the crossword puzzle in a highly competitive competition. Usually there were three or four of us with our papers spread out on the table in front of us. I think we usually finished the puzzle. There were enough of us working on it.

In Ghana, I drank NESCAFÉ Classic instant coffee. It came in a tin with a brown label. I used evaporated milk in my coffee. It also came in a tin. That one had a red and white label. Ghana had no fresh milk back then. At first, I wasn’t a fan of morning coffee in Ghana. I drank a cup or two out of habit or maybe need, and during training I ate or drank whatever they served. When I got to my own house, I still drank the instant coffee because that’s all they had, but by then, after three months in Ghana, I had stopped noticing the taste. It was just coffee to me, morning coffee, my usual two cups, with a bit of milk from a can.

My father was the coffee drinker. My mother didn’t usually have a hot beverage in the morning unless she had biscotti and needed coffee for dunking. When she visited, I always had biscotti for her. One of my sisters drinks tea, the other coffee. We are an eclectic bunch.

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6 Comments on ““Even bad coffee is better than no coffee at all.” ”

  1. Christer. Says:

    The heat is back again, just as I felt that life had returned 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thankfully it’ll only stay for two more days and after that the temperature will drop considerable and we’ll even get some more rain 🙂

    I mostly drink tea at home and coffee at work. The coffee there is rather nasty to be honest but it doesn’t cost me anything so I drink it 🙂 🙂 It’s always worse when coming back from the vacation, that’s when i really taste how bad it is 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      HI Christer,
      It was hot here yesterday and was still a bit humid. It wasn’t my favorite day. Today, though, was perfect. It is supposed to rain Saturday then be nice for Sunday and for Monday, the 4th of July.

      The coffee at work was actually good. They had the whole set up so we could have brewed coffee. My father hated brewed coffee. He only drank instant. I never understood that.

      • Christer. Says:

        The once upstairs in the offices brew their coffee and that is just horrible. Even our instant coffee taste delicious compared to theirs 🙂 🙂 🙂 They clearly have no idea how to adjust that machine but are too uptight to ask for help 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • katry Says:

        That’s awful!! What a waste of good coffee.

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today the sun is shining and and we are forecasted for a high of 98°. The cold weather didn’t stay for very long. 🙂

    Yesterday, I had some oral surgery and my doctor said no hot food or drink for at least a couple of weeks. Somehow Luke warm coffee didn’t sound good this morning. I also, have to eat a soft diet including no junk food. 🙁

    I started drinking coffee when I was in high school, because it seemed to be the grownup thing to do. I stopped adding milk to my coffee when the dairy truck drivers in NY went on strike in the early 1960s. From then on, I don’t put anything in my coffee except coffee. My father, when I was kid, always drank instant coffee I don’t think he wanted to clean out the percolator. After my mother died my father switched to black coffee which he prepared in a Mr. Coffee drip coffee maker. He delegated the milk and the sugar to keep his belly from “dunlopping” over his belt. -) I don’t think Mr. Coffee machines are still around. The best coffee I ever had was Blue Mountain coffee in Jamaica. I didn’t like the tiny cups of Esspreso they drank in Italy. Or, the coffee with chicory served at the Cafe Du Mond in New Orleans. I go there for the Beignets.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I’m laughing at your definition of cold weather!

      We had the perfect day for the whole day. It was lovely. The breeze kept it from getting too hot, and the sun stayed around all day.

      I think I would have had ice coffee rather than no morning coffee. It’s funny-I like hot coffee and ice coffee, but I also hate lukewarm coffee. There must be soft junk food!!

      I like my coffee with cream though I’ll drink it with milk if I have to. I buy light cream or half and half. I have a Cuisinart coffee maker, and it works really well.

      Mr. Coffee is still around. The company makes a variety of coffee makers in different colors. It has been keeping up with the times.

      My father only drank instant coffee. He claimed he didn’t like brewed coffee.

      I’m not sure which I liked better: the Blue Mountain or Lion Coffee from Hawaii. There is also the most expensive coffee made from wild red coffee beans but only after the bean has passed through the digestive track of the Asian Palm civet. Kopi luwak sells for between US $100 and $600 per pound. I’ll pass!

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