“Kids. You gotta love them. I adore children. A little salt, a squeeze of lemon–perfect.” 

When I woke up, we had sun then we didn’t. Now we have sun again, but I don’t know for how long as scattered showers are predicted. It is warm at 75˚, but the breeze, coming from the south, is cooling. It reminds me to put the screen in the back door which has that southern view from which all great breezes blow.

I have a summer cold. I hate summer colds. Even the name is an oxymoron. I’m coughing and sniffling. Of course, the first thing I did was test for Covid. I think a lot of people do. Nope, I don’t have Covid. I even tested twice over the course of a few days. I have a simple cold though there is really nothing simple about this cold.

When I was a kid, the world was a safe place. My mother never worried. On most summer days, I’d leave in the morning and get home in time for dinner. If asked where I’d been, I’d say around because that’s where I was. I had no destination. I just rode around. I’d stop if I saw something worthy of a stop. I’d walk my bike if I went uptown. I’d stop for lunch at my favorite spot, a bench on the town hall green. My last stop was often the library. I’d put the books in my front wire basket where they’d bounce in the air and sometimes even fall out if I went fast over a bump. Yes, I admit I had to stop to pick up books a few times which was annoying so I made the library the last stop before home. It was mostly a straight-away ride home, and the books were safe.

I never worried much when I was a kid. I was a busy kid. I loved school. I loved learning, and I was good at it. I had a bike for spring, summer and fall and a sled for winter. I had friends, some of whom I still have now. I had pretty much everything I needed. Being a kid back then was easy.

This summer I will celebrate eighteen years of retirement. I have enjoyed myself. Every day is Saturday.

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6 Comments on ““Kids. You gotta love them. I adore children. A little salt, a squeeze of lemon–perfect.” ”

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Wow! Congratulations, 18 years of retirement. You certainly got your money’s worth from Social Security. 🙂

    Last night a summer cold front came through but we got absolutely no rain. The few storms went south of my house. This morning the low temperature was a cool 75°. The predicted high is a cool 90°. Right now the temperature is a chilly 88°.

    When you and I were kids it was a completely different world. Neighbors looked out for kids in the neighborhood because almost all moms stayed at home. Guns were not as prevalent and people watched out for one another.The population was much smaller and people in neighborhoods knew one another.

    Like you I never worried as a kid. I just couldn’t wait to grow up. It came sooner than I thought. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I don’t get Social Security. I get my money from the Massachusetts Teachers’ Retirement Board. I never gave money to SS except for a summer job and the two years in Ghana.

      The rain hasn’t come yet but is on its way. My sister outside of Boston got lots of rain so I’m thinking it is working its way down here or at least I hope it is.

      It is true about neighborhoods and neighbors knowing each other. Where I grew up had so many kids, and all the mothers except one stayed home. I do know my neighbors on this street but we don’t get together at all. We wave.

      I was never impatient to grow up. I figured it would come in its own time.

      • Bob Says:

        I forgot, you were a public school teacher. We topped out at only 90° today. Bring out the sweaters and coats. 🙂

      • katry Says:

        The sweater comment gave me a smile.

        We haven’t had the rain yet though the news at 6 did say it was coming.

  2. Bob Says:

    The hottest temperature ever recorded in the Dallas Ft. Worth area was June 26th, 27th, and the 28th in 1980. It was 113° on the 26th and 27th. and 112° on the 28th. They’ve been keeping records since 1898. 🙁

    • katry Says:

      I had to look it up, but I found the all-time highest temperature in Massachusetts is 107° F (Chester 2 on Aug. 2, 1975)

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