“It is easier to go down a hill than up, but the view is from the top.”

The morning is a bit chilly, but the day will warm up to 70˚. Everything is bright with sun. The sky is a deep blue and stretches to the horizon without a cloud, but clouds are predicted for later. Outside is noisy. I can hear lawn mowers and edgers and the loudest of all, the blowers. My lawn was cut yesterday. It is still spring green. The flowers in the front garden are beginning to bloom. The newest to bloom are the purple flowers on tall stalks. The wild roses have small white flowers. This is their only hurrah. I can see the buds on the day lilies bordering the trees. They will be orange. Each year there are more of them. Three quarters of the fence is covered with white clematis, but, for some reason, it has never spread to the 4th section of fence so I’m going to help it along this year by moving it myself. Plenty of shoots are already growing as are buds on the tops of the vine-like greenery. When the clematis bloom, my yard is glorious.

When I was a kid, my father always planted pansies and geraniums. When I think about them now, they seem an unlikely combination. The pansies are delicate, fairy like with their colorful faces. Geraniums are blunt. They all look the same. The ones my father planted were always red. He’d put the geraniums in the back and the pansies in front. In memory of my father, I always try to have a planter with pansies, especially in fall when all the other flowers are fading.

I never really noticed all the flowers beyond my yard when I was a kid. I noticed the grass. I used to ride my bike down the grassy hill on our side yard. My father always yelled. He’d catch us because we’d sometimes leave tire marks on the grass. It was a neat little hill, the end of which was a bit of sidewalk then the hilly side gutter leading to the street and the big hill. I loved that ride in the spring. The grass was tall and spongy. My bike tires were wide. They always left a distinctive mark down the hill, the best little hill leading to all the other hills. We had to be careful at the end of the big hill as the cross street was a busy one. I don’t remember anyone ever getting hit. I just remember speeding across that street into the field. It was an amazing ride from the grassy hill to the field almost without pedaling.

When I was living that hill, I never realized the memory I was making. I just loved every bit of the ride down. Up was much more strenuous. My goal was always to make it up all the hills without walking the bike. It took a while before I could get up the big hill. I seemed to make it only only to the middle time and time again then finally it happened. I pedaled all the way up the big hill to the sidewalk and to the grassy hill. I was thrilled. I always pedaled from then on, but I didn’t pedal up the lawn, and I didn’t push my bike up the lawn. I went around.

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6 Comments on ““It is easier to go down a hill than up, but the view is from the top.””

  1. Hedley Says:

    So today is Paul McCartney’s 80th birthday. He arrived in my life in late 1962 on a children’s show called Tuesday Rendezvous. It is impossible to explain Beatlemania as the social change of the 1960s moved in to high gear

    Yes Kat, I saw him twice. Once at the Palace in Auburn Hills. The curtain dropped, he had his base guitar and blasted into “Hello Goodbye” and tears ran down my face. I also saw him at the opening of the Olympic Games in London which wasn’t his night

    So let’s throw the hand grenade. Paul McCartney is the single most important musician of our generation.

    Happy Fathers Day to all the KTCC Daddies. Blessings

    • katry Says:

      I believe I heard Paul McCartney sing with The Beatles early on, maybe in 1960. I was addicted to each and every new song.

      I never saw him, but I am glad your experiences were so wonderful and emotional. I think that is what audiences hope will happen, this connection to the singer and the song.

      I’m taking the pin out of my own hand grenade.

      Happy Father’s Day to you too, MD!

    • Bob Says:

      Good to see your post post. Hope everything is okay. I agree with you about Paul McCartney.

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    The sun was shining brightly this morning with a low temperature around 81°. We’re only supposed to get to 98° This afternoon because some clouds have developed. Last night we had a very brief, small, and isolated thunderstorm. I heard the thunder but didn’t notice any rain. There’s a very low chance of an isolated storm this evening. It’s about a 10% chance.

    This is my favorite weekend of the year. We are close to the summer solstice which is the longest day of the year. I enjoy daylight and beginning this week the days will get shorter. Eventually, we will go back to standard time. Daylight brings me joy. The winter time is just depressing.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      We have clouds but the sun stayed around all day though it was a little chilly with the breeze at 68˚. It is supposed to get warmer, into the 60’s.

      I also like this time of year. We usually have perfect weather and the crowds haven’t yet arrived. It is is the prettiest time of all. I get tired of the winter after a while, but not for a while. My house always feels cozy when the days get dark.

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