“There is never enough time for fun.” 

Thunderstorms are predicted for the afternoon. Right now the morning is damp and cool and the constant breeze is strong enough to move even the biggest branches of the tallest trees. The sky is covered in clouds. I can hear the birds. They are especially busy this morning.

One of my slippers has gone missing. I took a nap yesterday, and when I woke up, the slipper was gone. I check in all the right places, Nala’s hiding places, but did not find it. The yard is overgrown in spots so it may well be hidden by greenery. I’ll check again before the rain.

My dog Duke, the boxer I grew up with, did not steal except for the time he took the roast beef defrosting on the counter for Sunday dinner. My brother and I saw him and wrestled the roast beef out of his mouth. Other than a few tooth marks, it was none the worse for wear. We hid the marks, and my mother never noticed. The beef was good.

When I was a kid, when I left the house on my bike, my mother always wanted to know where I was going. I would say around town or up town or to the zoo. I never had a set destination. I’d just ride. Sometimes I’d ride to the next town over and sit at the train station. Other times I’d do a giant loop through two towns then back to my own. Lake Quannapowitt in another town over was one of my favorite destinations. I’d circle the whole lake. The houses facing the lake were old, large and beautiful. I used to imagine living in one. At the head of the lake was Bayrd’s Indian Trading Post with two teepees in front. I used to wander the store and was amazed at the exhibit of the Native American artifacts which had been found in the lake. There were beaded Indian costumes and colorful, feather headdresses. Mr. Bayrd constructed those feathered headdresses and the beaded outfits he sold at his store. They were authentic as Mr. Bayrd was a half Narragansett Native American. I didn’t know that at the time. I just loved everything he sold especially the beaded pieces. Once I bought a small beaded change purse. I’d saved a long time. After the shop, I’d usually head home. I’d go the long way through the next town then back to my town. Usually I’d have been gone all day. It was late afternoon when I’d finally get home. I was always tired, but it was a good tired, a fun day tired.

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7 Comments on ““There is never enough time for fun.” ”

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today the sun shone allay long Andre just reached 100° again.

    My dad had a friend who raised Great Dane dogs. His personal dog was a huge male Harlequin Dane named Moose. One time my dad was going to smoke several racks of baby back ribs. They were not easy to find in the grocery store so and my dad’s friend picked them up frozen in cardboard boxes at the meat packing house. He had them in the rear of his station wagon along with Moose. When they arrived at my dad’s apartment just a few miles away, Moose had gnawed at the cardboard box and had reached the frozen solid ribs. He only gnawed at a couple of ribs on one of the racks of ribs.

    Moose probably weighed over 250 lbs. no one was going to argue with Moose. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      This is June, only mid-tune, far too early for temperatures that high. What will the temperature be in August?

      I’m glad they were frozen or Moose would have had his way with far more of them. Even Nala would have given the box and ribs a try if she was traveling with them. I hope, though, I would have heard her.

      Nope, I wouldn’t argue with Moose either. Half the time I lose arguments with Nala and she only weighs 62 lbs.

  2. Birgit Says:

    It was too hot to see another town today so we took our bikes and went northwards by train to bike along a river and a canal and cooling down in a forest. A nice and long but lazy ride, this rural region is absolutely flat, perfect for biking in summer. No city-train-trip tomorrow, it will be even hotter than today though mid-90s are till bearable compared to the heat wave in southern Europe (or Texas temperatures). Maybe I’ll see the chorus festival next town, open-air and just 10 min by train.

    • katry Says:

      I envy you your trains. There is one here, but it is a tourist train and a dinner train. We need commuter trains.

      The cape does have a wonderful bike path. You can pick it up here in Dennis. Much of the ride from here is under trees, in shade. It is a while until the flats and the sun. I have enjoyed the trail but not in a long while. It is quite popular all year.

      We have been in the 70’s. Today was perfect weather. We never did get that rain.

  3. Christer. Says:

    We did get some rain last night, not much but enough so that I don’t have to water the patches today. The heat wave they have down on the continent won’t reach us they say and I’m so glad about that. Here the temperature will stay just above or just below 68F and we’ll even get rain again.

    We stopped at an opening in the forest this morning and could see wild hogs, big and piglets! The piglets are so cute 🙂 All the pigs knew we were there but didn’t care about us since we all stood still and just watched. My telephoto lens acted up so I only got some photos of the sows. We left pretty soon since I had no idea where the boar was 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Hi Christer,
      All day long they predicted rain, but it didn’t rain. We had mostly sun all afternoon, but it felt chilly. Our south too is having a horrendous heat wave with temps over 100˚.

      I haven’t ever seen piglets. I imagined they’d be cute, maybe from too many movie piglets, but now you’ve told me they are cute in real life. Like you, I would have stood and watched. That is just so neat!!!

      I see baby birds and once in a long while baby turkeys. There are squirrel nests in my pine trees. They are huge nests mostly of leaves and pine needles. I seldom see babies, maybe once in a blue moon a squirrel baby. They are quick.

      Enjoy your day!!!!

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