“Nothing annoys people so much as not receiving invitations.”  

This is the sort of morning which holds promise for a beautiful day to come. The early morning air has that coolness which only lasts only a short while and mostly on summer mornings. The breeze can’t make up its mind between strong wind or calm breeze. The sky stays blue.

I will have a deck day. My deck has been transformed. Yesterday it was cleared by two amazingly wonderful people. They had heard my lament about my debris filled deck. One is my friend and neighbor while the other is her friend but who went to the school where I taught at the time and remembered me. I swear my deck is calling my name.

When I was a kid, no yards had decks or even patios. My dad used to bring the barbecue out of the cellar each time he used it. He’d put it on the patch of sparse grass near the clothes lines. No grass ever grew there. It was in the right angle formed by the walkway meeting the paved clothes line square.

Of late, my dance card has had only a few entries. Two were doctors’ appointments, but I don’t count those. I did have a uke lesson, and that made me happy. The rest of the card is blank, but I’m okay with that. It gives my leg and foot more time to rest and heal. I’ll read, the best way to spend time.

When I was a kid, I had a bulletin board in my room. The board was fuzzy pink in a silver frame. It hung near my bedroom door. On it were pins, invitations, pictures and more pieces of my life. When I was in Ghana, my parents moved but dragged along my bulletin board. They gave it back to me when I bought my house. I cleared it and bought a clean, new board for my new house. The board is here in the den. It has my sloth calendar, ID’s on lanyards from a variety of events I attended, a couple of invitations to long ago events, a picture of much of the family in Colorado and other odds and ends. I can trace a part of my life with each of these. Some connect to one another. Others celebrate one time events like graduations. A couple of pins are still on the board, a peace sign pin and a patch from Peace Corps. The board is almost full. I’m thinking it is a metaphor of my life.

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