“Into each life some rain must fall. Some days must be dark and dreary.” 

A clap of thunder woke all three of us, the two dogs and I, around 6 this morning. A deluge started almost immediately. I decided to get up and face the day, such as it is. The dogs wouldn’t go out. They backed into the house. It was pouring.

When I was a kid, walking to school in the rain usually meant wearing wet shoes and socks all day. Sometimes bubbles popped up between my toes, and if I took my shoes off, I’d leave footprints. The bottom of my uniform skirt sometimes got wet, but that dried quickly. The rain subdued us. The classroom was unusually quiet except for the sounds of the rain and the rustlings of papers. I remember silent reading. We’d pull out our literature books and read. I never understood a grade in silent reading. I guessed the nun watched for restless kids and gave them lower grades. I could have spent the whole day reading without moving a muscle. We stayed inside for lunch. The milk was delivered just before the lunch bell rang. When I was really young, it came in small bottles. When I was older, it was a carton of milk. We’d walk up to the desk, give the nun our money, grab the milk and then walk back and start to eat. I was never good at opening cartons. If it weren’t for the straw we got, I’d have spilled milk all over me and the desk. I am still no good with cartons. I love the screw tops.

When I was in Ghana, I learned to do with less and never minded. I had a hand can opener. I still have one, the old silver opener with the turner. The only problem is it is getting difficult for me to turn it. The good news is few cans are missing the pull off tab.

Yesterday I went to my uke lesson. I was able to keep my foot elevated the whole time, but the excursion was still painful. My leg and foot hurt. I took an early nap. I did nothing the rest of the day.

The mornings are the worst for my foot and leg. After being elevated all night, my foot does not take well to walking. I whine a lot. I still haven’t worn a shoe. My slippers have holes for my big toes, hardly attractive, and faux fur around the top. I wear therm everywhere. I have no shame.

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6 Comments on ““Into each life some rain must fall. Some days must be dark and dreary.” ”

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    We can use some of your rain. Today is partly cloudy with a predicted high temperature of 95°. The gates of hell will open up Friday when we are forecasted for our first 100° day. Over the weekend we could hit 103° or more.

    When I was a kid I road my bike to school rain or shine. I hated rainy days because the bike was parked outside on a bike rack and the seat would get wet.

    At our advanced age, healing takes a lot longer. I’m sure by next week you will be back to your old self.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      It continued to rain until early afternoon. I got soaked when I did my errand. I would have waited until the rain let up, but I didn’t know how long it would be.

      The sun came out and the humidity disappeared. It is a pleasant 69˚ and will get colder tonight. The next few days are supposed to be nice.

      I rode my bike in the fall and spring. They put the bike rack away in the winter. It was wooden so the elements did a job on the wood. I remember it was painted green.

      The doctor said six weeks before it totally heals. I tend to be impatient.

  2. Christer. Says:

    Thunder and rain here too yesterday. Today was just cloudy but more rain will come tonight. I don’t mind since that means less watering of my newly sown seeds in the vegetable patch 🙂

    I did too much garden work last Monday and today I had to pay the prize, I wasn’t even sure I would be able to get out of bed this morning 🙂 🙂 🙂 I did go home after lunch today though and I hope it will feel better tomorrow when it is time to start painting at work again.

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Hi Christer,
      We can always use rain. We have only certain days we can water the lawns as we haven’t had the snow and rain we usually have. Everything got quite soaked today, a good thing.

      It is awful getting old. So many things I used to do I can’t do now. I drag the dry food instead of carrying it into the house. I used to carry 50 pounds. Now 15 pounds is too heavy. I adapt, but I don’t lie it!!

      Get better. Rest!!

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