“Clouds suit my mood just fine.” 

The morning is cloudy and damp. No rain is predicted, but the clouds are staying around all day. It will be in the mid-60’s. I have an empty dance card. Going out to do anything would take far too much energy, energy I’m saving to walk to the kitchen. Getting out of bed is still painful. Once the blood hits the leg, I started the ow, ow, ows. The dogs watch in amazement. When I can move, I go downstairs to let the beasties outside, make coffee, get the paper then collapse on the couch, already exhausted though the morning has barely begun. I need a nap.

My neighbor made my day yesterday. She brought a basket filled with surprises. There was a lovely card and beautiful flowers. Cans of Coke were there to replace the ones which burst in my fridge. A chicken parm dinner from Nata’s noodles was also in the basket. There were chocolate bars. I can’t think of too many things as therapeutic as chocolate except maybe the chocolate chips cookies also in the basket. Last night I ate one of the Hershey bars. I swear the pain disappeared.

Bad things come in threes. I’ve got a refrigerator freezing everything, a foot and leg in massive pain and now a broken faucet. The hot water side of the kitchen faucet broke off last night. I tried super glue but all it did was stick to my fingers. Now I have to add a plumber to my doctors and to the repairman coming Monday for the fridge. I’m crossing my fingers that nothing else will go wrong, but now I’m thinking maybe those fingers might be in jeopardy. They are now uncrossed. You can never be too careful.

This morning I watched Marjorie Taylor Greene for the laughs. She didn’t disappoint. She said that Bill Gates has developed fake meat in a peach tree dish. That goes with her Nancy Pelosi’s gazpacho police comment.

The house is quiet. Both dogs are sleeping beside me on the couch. This room is dark. I didn’t turn on the light. The darkness is comforting in a strange way. I have my leg elevated on the table. Everything I need is in arm’s reach. I’m thinking it is a great time for an old movie. I need to be entertained.

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6 Comments on ““Clouds suit my mood just fine.” ”

  1. Christer. Says:

    You’re right, bad things always come in three. I wonder why because three is seen as a lucky number? Perhaps we should feel lucky it doesn’t come in ten? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Really nice weather over here today, mostly sunny and just around 68F. I’ve catched up with the mowing so now I can start to concentrate on finishing the potato patch and vegetable patch. Long weekend here since it’s our national day on Monday. Few celebrates the national day but we all enjoy our holiday 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      I’m in agreement about feeling lucky when it is only in threes. Besides, I just need a plumber and a new faucet, the fridge will be fixed Monday and my leg is getting better. It could be so much worse!

      Today turned into a pretty good day with sun, but it got chilly, down to 63˚. I shut the widows Tomorrow will be warmer, in the low 70’s.

      Gordon your garden. I always wish I had the same green thumb you have!!

      Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today started out cloudy, but the sun is now shining. The temperature is only 86° but it’s very humid.

    Yes, you are fortunate to have good neighbors. Unfortunately, we moved into our neighborhood during the Covid pandemic in July 2020 and didn’t meet any of our neighbors. We still haven’t introduced ourselves. For some reason my wife feels out of place here and I don’t understand why.

    Life will always figure out a way to throw you a game with all curveballs. First the hospital, then the refrigerator repairman, and now the plumber. As long as your leg heals and you can get around without pain, then the rest are just annoyances.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I love you call it ONLY 86˚. I’ll say we were in a heat wave if it were that hot here. We got the sun but a chillier afternoon, down to 63˚. We’ll have a warmer Sunday.

      I introduced myself to Mary when she moved into the neighborhood a few years ago. We have had two more new neighbors who moved here in the last couple of years. I made sure to introduce myself. My street is quite small so I figure I should at least know all the neighbors.

      Is there anything which will make your wife more comfortable? I know flowers or even banana bread works for introductions.

      My leg is so much better today. After my nap, it didn’t take as long for the pain to subside enough for me to walk on it. That is quite the improvement!!

  3. Birgit Says:

    Does finger-crossing work over a long distance? I could contribute two crossed fingers 🙂 Get well!

    Warm and sunny day today, a nice walk and a short train ride just because. We also have a public holiday on Monday but it’s the second Pentecost day here, another day off. Time for another train ride.

    • katry Says:

      I think it does work long distance. I’ll take two more crossed fingers!!

      Noting much happening here. The sun didn’t arrive until late in the afternoon, and I had to shut the widows as it had gotten chilly. A strong breeze is adding to the chill.

      Have a wonderful holiday on Monday!

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