“Turn your wounds into wisdom.” 

Okay, it is Thursday, but I missed Tuesday so here I am coming to you from home after a two day hospital stay. That infamous leg got far worse so I went to Urgent Care which sent me to the emergency room. I had a lovely room with a view of the ocean. The food was good. The nurses and doctors were amazing.

On night one, I was in the ER until 3 am when a bed became available. From my new room, I was admitted officially after I answered the questions, had my leg looked at and changed into a stylish Johnnie. I hadn’t eaten since the morning when I shared a banana with the dogs so I was given a couple of tasty chicken salad sandwiches and a ginger ale. I thought the ginger ale the perfect drink under the circumstances as my mother always gave us ginger ale when we were sick. I was made to keep my leg elevated and was given a pain pill for the leg and an antibiotic for the finger dog bite. Everything was okay until I had to go to the bathroom. That was a process each time and it hurt, pained my leg and foot. I yelped each time.

My two days were spent in bed with my leg elevated, my vitals checked and visits from my nurse, the nurse practitioner and a doctor. The hematoma was so huge they did not feel comfortable sending me home after the first day so I stayed another day which was the same as the first day except for meals. I got to choose, and the meals were delicious. On morning two, I woke up at 4 with a variety of pains from my back, my shin and my foot. I got a magic pill.

It was decided I could leave but not until the pill was out of my system as I was driving myself. After medical instructions, I was allowed to leave. They gave me a walker as well as a wedge to help keep my leg elevated. A stop at the pharmacy was last. I was wheeled to my car.

Henry barked at me, not the grand homecoming I was expecting. I let them out and patted them until they were content. I was to supposed to have a Chewy deliver but not in time for the dogs to be fed. I gave them some sausage and Spam with their dry food. Just after they inhaled their dinners, the Chewy box arrived.

My friends Jay and Claire and Nancy took care of the animals for me. Nancy even cut up apples for the dogs to have with bananas for morning treats. Jack got clean food and lots of treats. Nancy went over a couple of times a day and Jay and Claire took care of the nights. I don’t know what I would have done without my friends. I can’t thank them enough. To add to that, Nancy brought coke and half and half this morning. Two coke cans had burst in my fridge and the cream was unusable.

My fridge freezes everything. The ice maker has died. I went on line to Sears home warranty this morning but didn’t remember my password. I had to ask twice and neither time did I get a reset e-mail. I called. Twice the call was dropped. I tried again and was lucky enough to get a person who stayed on the line, but the wait to get him was about 20 minutes. I was frustrated to tears. I ended up with an appointment on Monday.

Everything in my fridge is frozen. I will defrost meat which is supposed to be frozen. That’s it for meals until Monday except for toast. I have bread. These last few days need to be erased from my memory drawers.

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  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    When you didn’t post on Tuesday I became concerned about your health. But, I’m glad that you went to the urgent care and then the emergency room. I hope you are feeling better today and recover quickly.

    Hospital food is now nearly gourmet quality, but considering how much a night stay in a hospital cost in this country, meals should be sprinkled with gold and served on platinum plates. You are fortunate to have good friends to mind your critters while you recuperated.

    Sorry to hear about your fridge, just another thing to make your life interesting. As the ancient Chinese saying goes, “May you live in interesting times”.

    Yesterday and last night we finally got some much needed rain. Unfortunately, the forecast for the next ten days is sunny, hot, and dry.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      The swelling got too large for me to ignore. I did try the local Urgent Care on Sunday but it was closed, the same for Monday so I headed to Harwich. The doctor there decided the wound necessitated a trip to the ER. A large number of nurses and doctors gave it a look. I was the last person in the ER.

      The swelling is less today, but the worst pain is still after the leg is elevated for a while, and I get up. It feels like hours but it is only a couple of minutes until the pain is less enough I can walk a bit. I have to schedule a bathroom stop.

      The omelet I had yesterday morning was delicious with onion and sausage. The nurse wanted to know if I wanted to stay for lunch before I left.

      I raised the fridge temperature so everything is defrosted but still cold.

      Ht and dry is a miserable forecast. Tonight will go down to 59˚. I closed my bedroom window. It rained last night and early this morning and could rain again tonight. Tomorrow will have a high of only 65˚, a typical late spring on Cape Cod, and pop- up showers.

      Thanks for being concerned!!

  2. Mark Says:

    Like Bob, I was concerned when you didn’t post on Tuesday. I’m glad that you have friends close by that can help you during a time of need. As far as the refrigerator goes, I think that Roseanne Roseannadanna said it best, “It’s always something. If it’s not one thing, it’s another”. Take care of yourself and do your best to just enjoy life with gratitude even though things may not look particularly rosy at the moment.

    • katry Says:

      Thank you too for the concern!! I appreciate my Coffee friends.

      My friends were great. I laughed when Henry barked at me but didn’t bark at any of them. I loved that they had fruit salad. The pets were well treated and loved while I was gone. Neither of the dogs had been alone overnight before this. They did well.

      I turned up the fridge temperature and everything defrosted. I have to throw much of it away but not yet, I’m taking a break from doing anything.

      I am feeling a bit better so I’m happier. I’m glad to be home especially with the pups. The only thing I’ll miss is those great meals. I need a personal chef!!

  3. sprite Says:

    Sending hugs and healing vibes your way. I’m glad it wasn’t more serious and that your friends are taking care of you.

    • katry Says:

      Thanks, Sprite!!

      The swelling on my foot has gone noticeably down. The shin swelling and the redness of the hematoma look a bit less, but that may just be wistful thinking. I put my foot up reluctantly because when I put it down the pain is enough to make me yelp loudly enough the dogs watch me and wonder what in the heck is going on.

      My friends have been great!! The best thing was I didn’t have to worry about the cat and dogs.

  4. Birgit Says:

    Ouch. Get well soon! I’m glad your friends could help.

    Hospital food is matter of constant grief here, many depressing food photos on twitter, often insufficient, just bad and you are screwed as vegetarian/vegan.

    Dear educational KTCC, what is a “stylish Johnnie”?

    • katry Says:

      The word stylish was pure irony. The johnnies are those open in the back gowns you have to wear. I used two so my butt wouldn’t be exposed.

      I had a fruit plate for lunch yesterday. The grapes and pineapple were especially sweet. The dinner of pot roast and mashed potatoes was excellent. I had a variety of choices for everything. The omelet I had was delicious, as good as any I have had. I think the food has improved greatly over the years.

      My friends were wonderful!!

  5. lilydark Says:

    I’m so very glad you hare better. I didn’t know till yesterday that you were in the hospital, as I’m not on the internet often. I’m glad you have wonderful friends. Many healing hugs to you.
    Much Love,
    Lori and Ms Cookie

    • katry Says:

      Thanks!! I need those hugs.

      The hospital stay was unexpected let alone staying two days. I had to hustle to have the animals covered, especially the dogs. My friends were perfectly wonderful.

      I am slowly getting better.

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