“The profoundest lesson self-awareness teaches is how often we contradict ourselves.”

My clean kitchen floor lasted less than one day. Last night it started raining around 10:30. The thunder followed. I expect there was lightning, but I didn’t see it. This morning is sunny and bright with a deep blue sky and not even a small breeze. The high today will be 69˚.

When I was a kid, we had a family doctor. He was such a big man he never could quite reach the top of his desk without stretching his arms. A full skeleton hanging from a hook was behind him. He wasn’t gentle or reassuring. My mother took me there after I had fallen down the stairs and had a big cut under my chin. He wiped the cut clean, and it hurt, a whole lot of hurt. He told me to sit still. I did. He scared me a bit.

I like cabbage but not Brussels sprouts. I like green beans but not beans. I love sweatshirts but only if they have pouches. Otherwise, where would I put my hands? I like flip flops but not sandal straps between my toes. I love ice cream but not any with nuts unless they are on the top. I love movies but not romantic movies. Give me a good monster, and I’m happy. I like a drink every now and then, but it can’t taste like alcohol. I prefer plain water. I like waffles but not pancakes. I never put ketchup on my hot dogs. That it is just so wrong. I love fried clams, but they must have bellies. I hate crooked pictures. They drive my sensibilities crazy. I don’t mind holes in my socks, even the toes. I just fold the tops over when I put on my shoes. I don’t drink milk unless I’m having cereal. I like jam but not jelly. I love pickles of all sorts but not olives. I’m a fruit lover, but I don’t like cherries or fruits with fur like peaches. Give me all sorts of berries but keep your raspberries. I don’t like Will Farrell, but I never miss Elf. Give me a cold day rather than a hot. I always contend you can get warm easily but not cold. I don’t drink hot tea, only ice tea.

It seems my life is built on contradictions.

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  1. Birgit Says:

    A few days ago I read that a school buried their old school skeleton with a ceremony. A plastic skeleton is now in use. They knew it was a woman’s skeleton but couldn’t find out who she was. A local mortician donated a coffin. I think it’s a nice idea and respectful move. Still too many skeletons and skulls are in museums archives nowadays, often stolen from other countries and not given back. I wonder how many doctors still have real skeletons and hope they were/are treated with dignity.

    Yesterday we’ve had rain. Real rain. Not just a few drops but ongoing rain for about 2-3 hours. It was a relief and I filled every garden bucket to save water for my trees and other plants. Each tree already got 40 litres extra, more later. Tomorrow will be the hottest day so far, about sunny 82°F. No rain.

    • katry Says:

      I love the respect that school showed to the woman. I think my doctor’s skeleton was real. I wonder what happened to it. I remember seeing all sorts of skeletons at one of the Harvard museums. They filled display cases. Since then, Harvard has gained a conscience about a variety of issues. I hope the skeletons are one of those issues.

      In Ghana, most houses had rain barrels because when the dry season came, it didn’t rain for months. My town is rationing water so we can’t water the lawn every day.

      It stayed in the 60’s today. The high was 66˚. We had uke practice outside. My hands got cold. I was so gad when we finished.

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Another clear sky with a strong southerly breeze and warm temperatures. The high temperature today was only 94°. I haven’t gone in my pool yet, but this weekend the water might be warm enough.

    When I was a little kid in New York, our pediatrician was a doctor Radwin. He had a bushy mustache and he always wanted to give us a shot regardless if he came to the house or we went for an office visit. My mother assumed that she didn’t get her money’s worth unless we got a shot.This of course was the beginning of the discovery of antibiotics. My father told me that Dr. Radwin would only examine infants by having the mother hold the child. He said that the doctor always tried to cop a feel of the mother’s boobs.

    I like both cabbage and Brussel Sprouts. I like both string beans and I like black beans. Flip Flops are good around the pool or the yard. I hate sandals. I like all ice cream including with nuts. I like comedic movies and some monster movies. Don’t like martians that look like octopus. I don’t like the taste of alcohol except in a good imported beer. I enjoy fried clams, but didn’t know they had bellies. If I get a hole in my sock I throw it away. All my socks are black for dress shoes and white with tennis shoes. I haven’t drank milk for over 30 years, and I don’t eat cereal. Jam or Jelly, are both great. I like olives and only kosher dill pickles. I like fruit of all kinds except raspberries and blackberries, I don’t like the little seeds. Strawberries are fine. I never saw a Will Farrell movie especially Elf. I like hot weather better than cold because you can always jump in a pool. I drink hot tea but not iced tea. Iced tea is too expensive and I would rather drink ice water.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      My friends in New Hampshire were in their pool last weekend. Its temperature was in the 70’s. Their outside temperature was in the 80’s. Tis weekend Boston could hit 90˚. We then might get in to the 80’s, but it seems too early for a temperature that high.

      We just had the single doctor for all of us. I don’t even think my town had a pediatrician. When we moved down the cape, it was the same. Other than getting shots, we only saw the doctor when something was wrong. That changed when we got older and were in charge of our own health. My two sisters and I have regular check-ups. My brother doesn’t. He doesn’t regularly see either a doctor or a dentist.

      I really dislike black beans and most other beans, even Boston baked beans. In Ghana was when I first started wearing sandals. If your feet are enclosed, fungus and such inevitably grows. Now I wear sandals almost all summer. Was you eat are clam strips, not the true fried clams. Only a few restaurants here offers those, mostly the ones which appeal to tourists. I don’t drink milk for the sake of drinking milk, just in cereal. I am not a Will Farrell fan, but I am a fan of Christmas movies and Elf is a good one. There are no pools around for me to jump into so I end up hot unless I turn on the AC. When I was a kid, my mother gave us tea when we were sick so that’s my association with it. I make my own ice tea and it is inexpensive too make. I like it as an alternative to soft drinks. I do the same with ice coffee. I love strawberry shortcake!!

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