“Rollup curiosities in backpack, go drive, explore.” 

Today is cloudy and a bit cooler than it has been though the weather report says it will get warm. I have nowhere I need to be.

Around 12:30 the dogs went out for the last time before bed. When Henry came in, his coat was damp. I checked. A mist was falling gently as mists do. I shut the door, turned off the lights, and the three of us to bed. I was with Jack for a while then we went to bed, the dogs and I. They settled. I read. That’s when the rain started in earnest. I could hear the drops from the eaves and the roof. They lulled me to sleep.

In my mind’s eye, I can still see my father coming in the front door from work. He always wore a fedora. In the winter, he wore a top coat, a black top coat. In the summer, he wore a suit, a white shirt and a tie. He always tied a Windsor knot. My father wore ties his entire work life and on Sunday for Church. He loved new ties at Christmas so I used to buy him an expensive tie as one of his gifts. He always said he could tell the good ties from the cheap ties.

My mother wore slippers around the house. They were the ones with open toes and no backs. I always wondered how they kept her feet warm. My mother’s toe nails were always red.

I have never carried a pocketbook or a purse. I have always carried backpacks slung over one shoulder. My early ones were vinyl. I remember a mustard colored backpack I carried until it got so dirty it was almost embarrassing. I was carrying it when I went to Hyannis to shop for new leather clogs which I wore to work every day. While there, I noticed they sold leather backpacks made in Vermont. I bought a black one, and that is what I have a carried for years though I do have a vinyl backpack waiting in the wings should I need it. My mustard backpack was unceremoniously tossed into the trash. It has never been missed.

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4 Comments on ““Rollup curiosities in backpack, go drive, explore.” ”

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Yet another sunny hot day with a high predicted of 98°. May is usually our wettest month and this year the long drought continues.

    My father wore suits and ties to work every day but he never wore a hat. He owned a fedora, which I found in closet, in a hatbox after he passed away. We used to wear navy blazers, grey slacks, light blue button down shirts, and stripped red and blue ties. My employer provides our uniforms. The ties were very cheap. The last ones we received had a label that read, “100% Imported Polyester”. It wasn’t made of that crappy domestic plastic. :-). Eventually, the cost of the cheap blazers and ties gave way to a business casual uniform. Today we are issued slacks, button down long sleeve or short sleeve golf shirts. When I started working there in 1990, our clients came to training wearing business casual attire. Today, most show up in the summertime in cutoffs, tee shirts, and flip flops.

    My wife and my daughter carry hand bags. I carry a leather briefcase with side pockets for my phone and other junk work. It, along with my home desk requires a big clean out. I don’t know why I carry anything to work. Everything I personally need is on my iPad. Soon I will be carrying two iPads. My company is so paranoid of cyber security that I can’t get to anything on my company network on my personal device except my weekly schedule. And that requires two step identification. The company will issue me a company iPad, but it won’t allow me to connect to any other networks such as iCloud. We are ruled by the IT Nazis.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      We still have a few clouds, but we also have sun. It is 68˚, a typical spring day on the cape.

      The uniform you wore sounds quite jaunty and not bland. My father would have hated those ties. He always said you couldn’t tie cheap ties right. It is good you don’t have to buy uniforms. That they pay makes sense they buy cheaply.

      People no longer have a sense of style or what to wear when. Casual is in everywhere, all the time.

      Handbags mean you have use of only one hand. Women who use them often coordinate with their clothes. That just seems like two negatives. My backpack is easy.

      Eons ago when I taught, I had a leather briefcase. I needed one to carry books and kids’ papers.

      I think the world is now paranoid about on-line security. I even have to fill in two step verifications when I go to some websites. It is a pain in the butt.

  2. Christer. Says:

    We’ve had a sunny and warm day here, well warm for Scandinavia 🙂 The little wind that reach the garden was just enough cool to help while I mowed the lawn. Todays laundry dried up fast 🙂

    I had to toss the last leather backpack I had because one of my cats was angry at me, can’t remember why, and peed in it 🙂 🙂 I have several vinyl ones now days though but they are a bit small to be honest.

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Hi Christer,
      Yesterday was hot. Poor Henry was panting after an outside run. Today is cooler, and there is a breeze. The sun comes and goes.

      I used to have a male cat who peed in the suitcases of my guests. I figured he didn’t like company. Nature’s Miracle stain and odor remover works wonders. I always keep it around just in case.

      I love my leather backpack as it has lasted well over the years. The only problem is it is heavy.

      Have a wonderful Sunday!

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