“A mother’s love is the sun for growing, the moon for dreaming, the stars for guiding the way.”

The sun is hidden. The air is chilly. It will stay cloudy all day and won’t get beyond the 50’s. A wind moves even the tallest branches. I have no plans for today. The rest of my week is going to be busy so I’m designating today a sloth day.

Last night I watched B science fiction movies. One was Reptilicus. Most of it was shot in Copenhagen. Two men accompanied a woman to dinner In Tivoli Garden. In the restaurant, the entertainer sang Tivoli Night. I looked up the song on YouTube. It was a clip from the movie but it wasn’t a clip from the movie. The scene was the same, the singer was the same as were the diners in back including one smoking a cigarette. The only change was the woman with the two men. She was dark haired instead of the blond in the movie. I found that confusing. Why go through all that trouble?

I found pine needles all down the hall then I found the branch, chewed into small pieces. Nala had again brought the outside inside. Later I was with the dogs on the deck and caught Nala with another branch she was trying to get through the dog door. I threw it into the yard. She went after it so I threw it out of the yard over the fence. She gave up and went inside.

When we moved to the cape, my father bought a color TV set. I remember watching Star Trek in color for the first time. I got to see the doomed red shirted crewman before his demise. After a while, the colors of the TV began to fade. My father blamed the cable. All the colors were washed out. The doomed red shirted crewman disappeared. My father kept blaming the cable, but they came out and found nothing wrong. Finally, my father gave in and bought a new TV. The colors were brilliant. The doomed red shirted crewman was back but only until the away mission.

I miss my mother more than I can say. I wished her a happy Mother’s Day this morning. I believe she heard me.

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6 Comments on ““A mother’s love is the sun for growing, the moon for dreaming, the stars for guiding the way.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today is a brilliant blue sky filled with sunshine. Warm temperatures are predicted with a high is 96°, which is a heat wave for this early in May. I thought that Mother’s Day was always something like the middle Sunday in May.

    When I was living with my aunt and Uncle in NYC, in the early 1960s, my uncle said he would never buy a color TV because he was waiting for them to perfect the technology. He died in 1975 watching his trusty old monochrome TV. He owned a also owned a pair of spats which were in his closet in case they came back in style. 🙂

    I remember being a freshman in the fall of 1965 and everyone in the dormitory were crowded into the lobby to watch Star Treck every week on a color TV. The first time I saw a demonstration of color TV was in 1959 at the State Fair of Texas. I didn’t think it would be important because everything previously on TV was broadcast in monochrome. When I attended my first baseball game in person, I was amazed because I hadn’t realized that the grass was green and the basepaths were tan. I had only been watching baseball on a B&W TV.

    Sadly, I don’t remember any of the details of my mother since she died in January of 1961. I remember the big things, but the small details have long since faded away. The same goes for my grandparents, my uncles, and my aunts. 🙁

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      We might hit 90˚once or twice a summer in August. I don’t think we have ever gotten as high as 96˚ . Boston may have, but I know we haven’t. I would be a bit unnerved if I lied where it gets that high in May, not even the summer yet.

      Your uncle sounds like a character. My father kept his hand mower but did get a color TV. He liked to watch. He would have loved HD. It would have been like he was in the stadium watching football, is favorite sport to watch.

      I remember signing a petition to keep Star Trek on TV after it was cancelled. It was only on for 3 seasons, 79 episodes. The powers that be thought it was too cerebral. It was first broadcast in 1966 in September on NBC. It is called the program which keeps giving as it is shown on TV so often.

      I’m so sorry you lost your mother so early. I still remember a lot, but I have also forgotten a lot. I remember most of my relatives, even to a great-grandmother. We used to spend a lot of time with my mother’s sisters, my aunts, so I remember them well.

      • Bob Says:

        Today the temperature only got to 93°. Yes I forgot it was begun in 1966. I watched a YouTube video on the life of Nachell Nichols, Lt. Uhurah. She was going to leave the show at the end of the first season to star in a Broadway musical. That weekend she attended an NAACP event in Los Angeles and Dr. Martin Luther King, convinced her of the importance to the black community to continue on Star Treck. He told her she was playing a Lieutenant on the bridge of a star ship and was presenting a view of black people in both scientific and in official positions. He said Star Treck was the only TV program he allowed his own kids to watch. She stayed until the show was canceled.

      • katry Says:

        Oh, it was so much colder say I with tongue in cheek.

        I remember that story. I think she told it on some Star Trek special. She was a great character. I totally understand the importance of her character, an officer on the bridge.

        Did you know the first interracial kiss on TV was on Star Trek in 1968?

      • Bob Says:

        Yes, I did know about the first interracial kiss on Star Treck. Did you know that the creator of the show, Gene Roddenberry, was turned down by all the studios to whom he pitched the idea. Every studio executive said that audiences wouldn’t like an international and interracial crew. One studio executive told him that audiences would’t watch that kind of crew on TV until 300 years in the future. Therefore, Roddenberry set Star Treck 300 years in the future.

      • katry Says:

        I did know most of that. The other background is that Spock was not the original first officer. It was a woman, but no one accepted a woman could become a first officer so she was axed and became Nurse Chapel.

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