“If leeches ate peaches instead of my blood, then I would be free to drink tea in the mud!” 

Today is supposed to be really warm, in the 60’s. Today it is also supposed to rain. The sky is filed with light clouds, not yet ominous. The air is still. The dogs are in and out, and in between they eat each other’s faces while playing in the hall. I’m hoping their morning naps are close at hand.

My father bought a CB radio when CB radios were the rage. He kept it on the whole time we were traveling usually back and forth to Boston. He picked up all the slang. It used to make me laugh. He loved to chat. My father had good buddies and wanted to know if there were smokies. 10-4 acknowledged the information he received. We were extras in a Smokey the Bandit movie. My father was the star.

I have some really old black and white photos from a New Hampshire vacation when I was around four. One photo is of my brother and me sitting on top of a tiny waterfall. I remember doing that. I remember the water felt tingly on my legs, and I have a huge grin on my face from the tingles.

I remember another trip to visit some of my father’s relatives also in New Hampshire. The house was by a small pond. A row boat sat on the ground between the pond and the house. Its life on the water had ended. The row boat was now a planter with red flowers. My brother and I went swimming in our underwear as we hadn’t expected to swim so no bathing suits. We didn’t swim long. My mother screamed when we got out of the water. Leeches were on our backs. My father pulled them off.

Nala is much better. She is still taking pills and getting drops in her ear. She found one pill not so well hidden in her first morning piece of banana and spit it out. I tried again and duped her. She ate both pieces with better hidden pills.

On my dance card today is a uke concert at an assisted living facility. We were there a month ago and we were their first entertainment since the start of Covid. We’re singing bluegrass today.

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4 Comments on ““If leeches ate peaches instead of my blood, then I would be free to drink tea in the mud!” ”

  1. Birgit Says:

    Have fun and good luck with your concert!

    Sunny spring here, we already miss rain, looks like another dry year.

    • katry Says:

      The concert was fun. There was a huge audience, sort of a captured audience.

      This week we have had a few days of rain. My town has already instituted only certain days for watering the lawn. I think it is down to two days a week. My lawn won’t survive the summer.

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    I remember the CB radio craze but I never got into it. The truckers really used the CB radio to avoid the police and to keep each other company. I’m sure the police were intercepting the broadcasts. A friend of mine had it in his car. He was the second oboe player in the Daloas Symphony Orchestra and his handle was, “Snake charmer”.

    This weekend we are expecting a heat wave. Tomorrow and Sundays high temperatures will be in the upper 90s.

    • katry Says:

      I Bob,
      My father loved his CB. He always gave me a chuckle. I never had any interest in his radio. My father also used it to escape the police, the state police, on the highway when he was driving up to and back from Boston.

      It got to 61˚ here today, a heatwave for us.

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