“I love corduroys , because they are really comfy and they’re cozier than jeans. They come in nice autumn hues – colors that you can have fun with.”

The morning is cloudy and rain is predicted. It is damp and chilly, in the 50’s. I have no plans for the day. Yesterday I did make it to the dump but first was a stop at the emergency vet. Nala had a hugely swollen ear flap which she didn’t have the day before. She was tilting her head and shaking it. Her ear was an ominous red. At first I thought I’d wait until today so I didn’t have to pay the walk-in amount of $240, but I decided she needed to be seen before it got worse. Nala couldn’t have been better. Everyone loved her and thought her beautiful. The doctor told me they were all smitten with her. Nala was diagnosed with an infection which I had already figured she had. They drained her ear and gave me drops and pills for her. Her ear already looks better.

When I was a kid, our boxer Duke got into a horrific fight with the dog down the street. His neck was gnawed open. My mother wanted to take him to the vets, but my father thought Duke would be fine on his own. My father was only home weekends back then as he had been transferred, and we were waiting to move after school was out. My mother took advantage of his absence and brought Duke to the vets. When my father got home, Duke was much better. “See,” he told my mother. She smiled and agreed.

My father used to say he wanted to come back in life as one of our pets, all of whom have been spoiled. He also said that when he died we should just wheel him down the street to the cemetery you could see from my parents’ house. We opted to go the more traditional way.

When my dad was a kid, he wore corduroy knickers. He hated the swishing sound the pants made when he walked. My dad was into being cozy. Around the house he always wore his boxer shorts so when he’d sit on the couch and watch TV, he’d wrap a blanket around himself. His snacks were always within arm reach. I gave him corduroy pants one Christmas. My mother thought he’d never wear them, but he did. The small wale of those corduroy pants had no swishing sound. He wore those pants until the wale pattern was gone. They had become his cozies. I bought him more pairs.

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4 Comments on ““I love corduroys , because they are really comfy and they’re cozier than jeans. They come in nice autumn hues – colors that you can have fun with.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today is cloudy after a clear start this morning. The wind is back and we received a nice soaking during the night accompanied by thunder and lightning.

    One of our greyhounds had a “Happy tail”. Whenever anyone came into the house the dog would wag her tail so hard that the blood vessels would rupture and the fur on her tail would paint the walls with interesting abstract red brush strokes. 🙂 Other then cutting off her tail surgically, there was nothing we could do. We even would cutoff the top of a plastic Coke bottles and tape them to her tail to protect the walls. Eventually, she would deposit the plastic wall protector wherever she wanted when the tape got weak and she would resume her bloody art work. 🙂 In the end, we just cleaned up the walls as best we could. The dog looked so graceful and beautiful with her long tail we didn’t care about the walls of the house. Eventually, she passed away and we repainted the walls.

    Your father had the right idea. I agree but I want to be reincarnated as a lap dog in an old Jewish lady’s household. 🙂

    I once had a dark brown corduroy sports jacket with the suede patches on the elbows. I used to smoke a pipe back then and looked very Ivy League. I didn’t like the corduroy pants because of the swishing sound when I walked.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      No rain yet but the sky is getting darker so maybe tonight.

      Henry used to scare himself when his tail whacked something, but now he is fine with it. He does have quite the animated tail, but he does no damage the way your greyhound did. That poor greyhound whacking his tail so hard it bled. You were quite patient!

      You could be a dog here and lead a happy life with a soft bed and lots of treats!

      The small wale corduroy doesn’t swish. I have a few pairs and make no sound when I walk. My father, when he was a kid, had wide wale corduroy which was quite noisy.

      I remember those coats with the elbow patches. I even bought my father a sweater with those patches. It was a handsome sweater. He, however, never smoked a pipe.

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