“The pine-tree’s plumy branches make a net and hold the light of heaven…”

Today is yesterday, not a profound statement, just the weather report. The high will be in the 50’s and the low in the 40’s. The sun is bright, the sky is blue and a strong breeze is blowing. I have no plans for today so I’l be cozy on the couch reading my book and sharing space with the dogs.

Dinner was a huge success from the appies to dessert. I warmed the brie and served it with a caramelized onion jam and a fig and honey preserve. We also had some cheddar and different kinds of crackers. The fish chowder, course two, was delicious. The seafood casserole was so good my friends stopped talking so as not to interfere with their eating. The carrots I’ll make again and again. They were scrumptious. My friends cleaned up after dinner. I sat and supervised. I loved that they do that, and they always do.

When I was a kid, I don’t remember having worries. Life was easy. Every weekday was predictable. I got up, got dressed, ate breakfast and walked to school. My afternoons were free to do what I wanted. In the warmer weather I played outside. In the winter, I mostly stayed inside and read or watched TV. Saturdays were the most unpredictable except for Saturday mornings when I sat and watched all my favorite programs and ate cereal while sitting on the floor and for Saturday night dinners. During the rest of the day I did the matinee in winter or biked all over town. Sunday was always mass and family dinner.

My mother used to tell me not to frown. She said frowning caused worry lines. I used to check the mirror. I never saw any.

Today is Arbor Day. Elm trees were everywhere when I was kid. A chestnut tree was up the street, and I used to collect the chestnuts. Pear trees were in the yard in the house behind mine. We used to pick and eat them. I remember a lot of hard pears. Some crabapple trees weren’t too far from my house. We didn’t eat them but threw them at each other. They hurt when they connected. I love weeping willows. They are gracious trees. The most remarkable tree I have ever seen is the baobab. It grew in the region where I lived in Ghana and a huge one was in the middle of the school grounds. I saw my first palm tree in Ghana. I saw paw paw (papaya) trees and banana growing trees. Lining the road from my town were mahogany trees. I remember a tree with its gnarled branches growing in all directions and its roots above the soil looking like Medusa’s snakes.

My backyard has mostly scrub oak and scrub pine trees. They are ugly trees, but I have affection for them.

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2 Comments on ““The pine-tree’s plumy branches make a net and hold the light of heaven…””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today is also another repeat of yesterday’s weather with a stronger south wind. Your dinner party sounded delicious.

    I don’t have any idea what kind of trees are in my front yard. I just hope that they are far enough from the house to prevent the roots from growing under my foundation. Roots suck up the water under the slab and cause the foundation to crack. In my next life, I want to come back as an owner of a foundation repair company. That’s a license to print money. 🙂

    Most kids have few worries growing up but can’t wait to grow up and get out from under the seemingly tyrannical thumb of their parents. I always thought that my parents had wild crazy fun after we kids went to sleep. Eventually, I discovered that they basically watched the news and the, “Tonight Show”, with Johnny Carson. Nothing very exciting. 🙁

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      The food was superb. I sent leftovers home with them, and I got a call tonight thanking me again as they had the whole meal for dinner tonight.

      The bottom of my driveway has all sort of cracks from tree roots, but I don’t care. That part of the driveway is behind the gate and is in the backyard. I never ever went that far down the driveway before tree was a gate as my driveway is quite steep.

      My parents were great. I no longer lived with them after I got home from Ghana except summers when my roommate, the owner of the cape house where I lived, rented it out every summer. Both my sisters stayed longer.

      My mother stayed up longer than my dad, but she like old programs like Perry Mason instead of the Tonight Show.

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