“Dawn-giddy birds chirp as if every morning is a special occasion. Wise, wise birds.”

The weather seems to have settled a bit. Today is sunny and cloudy. The high will be 59˚, but there is no wind so its feels warmish. The dogs love this weather. I’m staying close to home today. I have the ever present laundry sitting in the hall. It is day three.

I find people generally kind. A while back, I tripped in the CVS parking lot. People rushed over and helped me up. I wasn’t hurt, but I felt sort of silly. They were concerned. People are always willing to help me carry heavy packages to my car. I used to say thank you anyway, but now I like the help. Through the eyes of passersby I have move into the category of old lady. On one of my trips to Ghana, I was walking on Main Street and stopping on the way to sit and rest my back. I sat next to a couple of men, one of whom asked me if I liked motos, motorcycles. I told him I used to have one. He offered to take me to where I was going, and I agreed. He ferried me all the way to my destination.

When I was a kid, my town was an easy place to live. We all knew the implicit rules. We didn’t dare disrespect the nuns or we would have faced the wrath of our parents. We were quiet in the library. The worst behavior was when kids threw candy in the movie theater. We were mostly polite.

If I were rich, I’d travel the world. I’d travel to whatever out of the way places are still left. I’d eat local foods and stay in small places. I’d wear casual, comfortable clothes. I’d go to bed early so I can meet the mornings wherever I am. Mornings are my favorites times of the day when I travel. That is when cities first come alive. I remember we were somewhere in Germany. I got up, got dressed and then went outside. It was a bit chilly as mornings sometimes are. Delivery trucks were parked on the street. I could see the exhaust from the backs of those trucks rising into the air. People on the sidewalks hurried. I didn’t. I filled my senses.

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2 Comments on ““Dawn-giddy birds chirp as if every morning is a special occasion. Wise, wise birds.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Last night we got a good quantity of rain among the thunder and lighting. Today it’s mostly cloudy and cooler with a high predicted of 66°.

    While flipping around on the cable TV dial, I came across the TV commercial for, “Life Alert”. They are still running the commercial where that same woman is lying on the floor and says, “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” I used to laugh at those commercials. About a year ago, I tripped on the bottom step on the landing at work. I couldn’t get up without struggling and using my arms to prop me up on the bottom steps. I immediately thought of that TV commercial and realized that I was getting old. The mind has all kinds of ideas but the body refuses to act. 🙂

    When I was a kid we knew the implicit rules and said yes sir and yes ma’am. It’s a whole new world these days and kids today are influenced by thousands of cable TV stations, YouTube, and sccial media.

    If I were rich, then I also would like to travel the world. Today we can visit most places on an iPad or a big TV and not have any jet lag. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      66˚ sounds like the high for us this time of year. We haven’t had rain for a while, but it is predicted to rain tomorrow.

      I haven’t seen that commercial in a while. I am always wary when going down stairs. I almost tripped myself the other day when my foot got caught in the leg of my wide bottomed pants. I am careful when the dogs and I go down the stairs at the same time.

      I have always been a bit of a faller. It started when I was around 9 or 10 and fell down the stairs, but I am the most vulnerable now at almost 75.

      Most of my friends are grandparents. They had instilled good manners in to their kids, and their kids continue with their kids.

      When I was still working at the high school, I saw entitled kids all the time. Parents defended their bad behavior. At one meeting the kid kicked the parents under the table. I jumped in and told the kid she was never to do that in my office again. She will treat everyone with respect. The parent has said nothing.

      iPads and TV don’t do it for me.

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