“Go! Go! Go! The Coolest Monster Shindig of Chicks and Chills!”

Today is a delight. The sun is bright, the air is still and the deep blue sky, unmarred by clouds, stretches across to meet the earth. Everything about the morning is inviting. We will be in the 60’s today. It is a spring day. More flowers have bloomed. White dafs, deep purple hyacinths and a little forsythia, only a couple of branches, have bloomed in the last couple of days. I love going outside each morning to see my garden, to see what surprises Mother Nature has unearthed.

Today is Good Friday. I used to have the day off when I was in elementary school, but there was a catch. I had to sign up to do vigil for an hour. I used to sneak in a book and hope the nun watching us was only looking for noise, not diversions. I figured hiding it in a prayer book and reading with my head down made me look devout. That hour was endless.

I was never much a counter of days except for the days until Christmas. Easter was never big. Summer vacation came with only a little fanfare. The last day of school was a half day, and we got our report cards. We all looked on the back to make sure we were promoted. We all were. Everyone was promoted. I wondered about that. I always figured we just dragged along some of my classmates who maybe should have stayed behind but somehow got caught in the swell of promotion.

Last night I watched The Beach Girls and the Monster. I had to look it up as I hadn’t ever heard of it. The movie was listed among the 100 most enjoyably bad movies ever made. The opening was a slew of dancing girls in bikinis. The theme, Dance Baby Dance, was written by Frank Sinatra Jr. The monster was silly looking with bulging eyes which never moved. The victims screamed but were never heard so the monster had its way and killed three people. The movie, though, did have one redeeming feature, amazing surfing footage. I watched the movie until the end. I needed to know the fate of the monster.

Of late, I have been a flurry of activity. I had a list. I cleared my bedroom of bins and boxes. I mailed Christmas presents which have been ready to mail since the holiday. My friends were excited, my sister not so much. After all, it is April. Maybe I should have wrapped them in pastels.

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4 Comments on ““Go! Go! Go! The Coolest Monster Shindig of Chicks and Chills!””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today was a weather repeate of yesterday. Spring has sprung and the grass is beginning to grow again along with the flowers.

    Tomorrow my pool guy is coming to clean the filter. On Tuesday he will return to replace a stuck valve located somewhere in the pump shed. A swimming pool is similar to owning a boat. A boat is a place in the water, surrounded by wood where you throw your money away. 🙂 A pool is a large quaintly of water surrounded by concrete where you also throw away your money. Both my spouse and my daughter enjoy the pool in the summer. I’m not a big pool guy.

    Tonight is also the first night of Passover. Jewish people all over the world celebrate the exodus from Egypt and God giving Moses the commandments on Mt. Sinai. I wonder how often Passover, Good Friday, and Ramadan all converge on the same day. All of us, Jews, Muslims, and Christians are all cousins as we share the three Abrahamic faiths.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,

      My grass is’t growing yet, but the last couple of days have been spring. I cleared the backyard of Nala’s trash then sat outside with both dogs for a while.

      One of my neighbor’s has a pool. Their kids are married and gone so now they wonder why the pool. It is a huge amount of work for them which I can tell you’d understand. It is good that your wife and daughter use it so it makes everything worthwhile. I had another friend who filled hers in as none used it.

      When I was in Ghana, Ramadan and Easter were on the same day one year. The north of Ghana where I lived has as many Muslims as Christians. In the town where I lived, they are now building a huge mosque on one corner of the Main Street. Many of my students were Muslims though back then they were called Moslems. They had the neatest names: Abibata Abdulai is an example.

      Chag Pesach sameach!

      • Bob Says:

        I didn’t think you can just fill in a pool. I was under the impression that the dirt, even covered with grass, will turn the pool into a swamp. I thought they have to break down the concrete.

        The sports guy on TV looked it up, Passover and Good Friday occurs together every 33 years. Today is the 75th anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier. That was the start of the civil rights movement. Tonight every player wore number 42. Ms. Opal Lee of Ft. Worth threw out the first pitch at the Ranger game. She’s the grandmother of Juneteenth day becoming a national holiday.

      • katry Says:

        I watched the Red Sox lose their home opener today and saw all the Number 42’s on the backs of both teams’ shirts.They long ago raised number 42 to the area at Fenway for retired numbers.

        The pool was drained first then filled in and grass planted over where it was.

        They announced on TV during the game about Opal Lee.

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