“Every action of our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity.”

Today is a pretty day with a bright squint your eyes sun and the deepest blue, cloudless sky. It is chilly, only in the mid 40’s, but it will get warmer as the day settles. I’m going to water my plants, trash pick my yard and organize my closet. I can barely wait. The excitement is building.

I seldom plan a meal. I have plenty of groceries, but I don’t usually cook. In the mornings I have a couple of cups of coffee and sometimes a banana. The dogs wait impatiently for their teaspoon of coffee and a bit of my banana then they join me on the couch for their morning naps. Jack has breakfast then sleeps curled in a ball in his cat house. The cat house looks like a camping tent. My father used to say he wanted to come back as a pet in any of our houses.

In my town, when I was a kid, was a pet store right beside Santoro’s subs. I bought a chameleon there. When I got home, I put it in a small glass aquarium with leaves and sticks as cover. I used to sit and watch the chameleon change color from the brown of the branches and the green of the leaves. Even though I knew why, it was no less miraculous.

My favorite aunt lived about three blocks from my house. I often visited. She had Sam, my dog Duke’s son. It was my aunt who had given us Duke. I used to take a short cut home from her house. It meant climbing a chainlink fence. One time I was nearing the fence when I saw a half dollar on the path. I thought it was strange, even eerie. I had been wishing I had some money not long before I found it. I couldn’t imagine how a half dollar got to be on that overgrown path where I had to dodge bushes and weeds. I thought it had to be a miracle.

I was at a Christmas event where there were prizes. I was standing with a friend when I told her I was going to win the next prize. I had a weird feeling about it. The prize was a Christmas Buche d’ Noel. They called my name. My friend was a bit freaked.

I suppose I could say it was just serendipity, but how did I guess ahead of time the prize was mine and how was the half dollar right in front of me on that seldom used path just after I had thought about it. I didn’t have an answer back then, but I thought maybe there was a bit of of the divine about them. Now, I just chalk it up to karma. I wish it worked on guessing lottery numbers.

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