“It is hard to be depressed around a ukulele. You just pick it up, and you’re halfway home.”

Mother Nature was a tease yesterday. The temperature got to 59˚. I wanted 60˚, a small hope, a single degree hope. I did get sun and some blue sky so I suppose I ought not to complain. I’ll have to remember that today as we will have the same weather as yesterday. Right now it is 47˚, spring morning cold. It will be in the mid 50’s later, shorts and tank top weather for sure.

When I was growing up, I was a busy kid. I was a Girl Scout. I started in the second grade as a brownie. We met every week. The best part was I could wear my brownie uniform to school. I had everything a brownie wore: the uniform, the beanie with the girl scout symbol in an orangey gold on the front and the change purse also with the brownie symbol. It hung from the belt. I was really proud when I wore my uniform. A few years later I flew up to girl scout. That’s what they call it, flying up. My uniform was a white blouse, a green skirt, a girl scout hat with the trefoil symbol on the front and a sash which became covered in badges. I was a Girl Scout for ten years. It was a big ceremony when some of us got our ten year pins. Both my parents were there.

I joined St. Patrick’s drill team when I was ten. We had practice every Saturday at the armory where we learned the basics of marching. I had fun though sometimes we weren’t supposed to. At one point our instructor, John Kelly, told us we were ready to join the senior drill team. We had practice once a week in winter and twice a week in summer, sometimes even Sunday mornings before a competition. We had competition all summer, some Friday nights but mostly Sunday afternoons. It was huge commitment, but I loved being part of the drill team and still have friends dating from those long ago days.

I had other loves as I grew older. I loved acting, and we did one act plays at my school. We even competed. Though we never won anything, I did get a jar with a preserved embryo of a pig, a gift from a science teacher.

I’ve been the president of the library board. That lasted years. I took tap dancing lessons. I knew all the steps but that barely translated from my head to my feet. Now I’m still learning the uke which I love playing. I have little or no musical ability. I know all the chords now, but my head doesn’t always translate well to my fingers. Today I have another concert.

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6 Comments on ““It is hard to be depressed around a ukulele. You just pick it up, and you’re halfway home.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Welcome to the community of no musical talent nor musical ability. Whenever I tried to learn an instrument or sing people either runaway or call the animal shelter. I sound like what a cat would sound like whose tail was caught in a rocking chair. :-(. I can only sing one song very badly, “Johnny One Note”. 🙂 My son can play the guitar fairly well and I used to wonder if his real father was the postman. However, he looks and acts like he’s my offspring. Maybe, musical talent is a very recessive gene. 🙂

    Today will be a repeat of yesterday’s weather. The flowers are blooming in my front beds. I have no idea what they are. One type are some kind of ground cover that has blue flowers and the other are small shrubs with pink flowers. The grass is also starting to regrow. These plants were here when I bought the house and they survived the Texas ice age of February 2020. Some of the shrubbery didn’t make it. I also have a purple thumb when it comes to plants. If I do anything other than water the plants or grass will die. When I used to mow my lawn, the grass died and the weeds flourished. I have a lawn service now come weekly to keep everything alive.

    For a very short time I was a Cub Scout and then a Boy Scout. I discovered early that me and the great outdoors don’t get along. Even back then I think that roughing it is Motel 6. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I definitely can’t sing on tune, but I do know how to play the uke, not great but acceptably. The only person in my family who played a musical instrument, a piano, was my mother’s aunt, my grandmother’s sister. My sister sang in a choir and both my parents sang well. The gene skipped me.

      I am good at keeping plants and flowers alive. My forsythia was a house warming gift in 1977, and it still flowers every year. The lilies of the valley came from my parents’ house as did the violets. They have been in my yard for well over 15 years. A landscaper takes care of my lawn. We are fighting moss.

      We never camped in the wild but did at the camp in the woods built by Girl Scout fathers. My brother, a scout, never camped in the wild either. It required too much equipment none of us had.

      • Bob Says:

        As a Boy Scout, our troop camped out at Lake Lewisville north of Dallas. We slept on the ground in sleeping bags and cooked over an open fire. I hated camping then and even more so now. I enjoy observing the great outdoors by looking through the window from the great indoors. 🙂

      • katry Says:

        I have gone camping on my own with friends. We were actually in Brewster, not all that far from my house. I went home every day to feed my cats and sneak a shower. I brought my nephew and my friends had their six kids. We gave the kids dinner first then we ate things like steak tips and seafood with the appropriate wine. I slept on an air mattress. It wasn’t roughing it at all.

  2. Christer. Says:

    Hi Kat!

    It reached 50F here today even though it was cloudy until afternoon, I feel that we once again are on the right way. Well April here can give both summer heat and winter cold so one never knows if it’ll turn around or stay the same.

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Hi Christer,
      Your weather sounds like mine. We stayed around 54˚ all day though we did have sun. Tomorrow will be the same.The only good thing is it stays in the 40’s at night.

      We seldom have warm days in spring. The ocean is still too cold and greatly affects our weather.

      Today the wind made it feel even colder by afternoon.

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