“Every story needs its hero. And its villain. And its monster.” 

Today is warm at 54˚. Despite the clouds, rain is not predicted until tomorrow. Everything is still. Everything is quiet. I have a couple of things to do today and a couple of stops to make. I’m taking Nala. She loves the car, Henry not so much.

I went out yesterday and was gone a little over three hours. Miss Nala got bored. I found the remnants of a pencil and a pen. She loved the pencil more and chewed it into four or five pieces. Later, I caught her trying to steal a pillow from the den. She was thwarted.

When I was a kid, I never ate Jello. To me, its consistency was gross, and I was never charmed by the jiggling. I preferred chocolate pudding. I still do.

My favorite potatoes are mashed, but I’ll eat almost any potato dish including sweet potatoes. Those usually get baked. I have a couple I’m thinking of baking for tonight. They are my only menu item for dinner so far.

My mother used to make the most delicious fish casserole. It had a white fish of sorts and some shrimp. The top was Ritz, buttered Ritz. I can’t remember the last time I made it. I’m thinking it’s pass time.

Lately I have been binge watching movies. Everyone has been in black and white and most are science fiction. Right now I’m watching It came from Hell, a 1957 movie. The antagonist is a tree monster. The setting is a tiny atoll. A native prince was accused of killing his father. He was innocent but was found guilty. He was executed when a knife was driven into his heart. He was buried upright in a hollow tree trunk. Years earlier, according to legend, an island chief returned from the dead in the form of a vengeful tree monster called Tabanga. The legend, come to find out, was a true story. The prince morphed into a tree monster who walked and killed those who had wronged him, including his wife. The tree had feet instead of roots. The feet wore shoes.

My house is quiet. The dogs are asleep on the couch. Nala is using Henry as a pillow. Jack too is quiet. I greeted him this morning. He meowed.

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