“Hard to call it a party without sardines.”

Winter has decided to hang around for a while. Right now it is only 31˚ and won’t get much warmer, the only flaw in an otherwise lovely sunny day. Not a cloud is in sight. The trees are still. The dogs stay out long enough that I check to make sure neither has escaped though it is only a courtesy to check Henry.

I like jam. I am not a great fan of jelly though I still have a fondness for Welch’s jelly in a cartoon character glass. I think I have one or two in the cabinet, Tom and Jerry glasses. I used to slather too much jelly on my PB&J sandwiches. It always seeped through in the middle and made for an ugly sandwich, a tasty but ugly sandwich. My father loved strawberry jam. I always gave him a couple of jars in his Christmas stocking. I am not particular though I do have a favorite or two. I eat a variety of jams, usually whatever I find when I scrummage through the cabinet. My favorite of late has been black mission fig jam, a Christmas present, but I finished the last of it and have moved to strawberry jam with huge chunks of strawberries.

In Ghana I bought groundnut paste. It was sold in the market and was the base for groundnut stew, but I used it mostly as groundnut butter, peanut butter in American English. It was thick and had to be thinned with groundnut oil or it tore the bread. I bought imported jam. PB&J or GN&J was my favorite snack.

Peanut butter is a stable still. I love a snack of peanut butter and jelly on a Saltine. It has to be a Saltine, a preference carried through time. We always had Saltines. I crushed them into my chicken noodle soup, my Campbell’s chicken noodle soup. Sometimes I buttered the crackers. Other times I used Marshmallow fluff instead of jelly. They were the messiest combination, but that was my favorite. I mean, seriously, what could beat the taste of fluff and peanut butter? The one use which makes me gag at the thought of it is sardines on crackers. I can still see, as if in a bad dream, the opened can, the wound metal top with a key and the sardines in a row. I’d take one and eat it on my Saltine. My sister remembers doing the same. It was my father who introduced us to the joy of eating sardines on Saltines. The three of us would nosh together. I think maybe that was the draw.

I used to give my father a really expensive can of sardines in his Christmas stocking. He was always delighted and offered to share.

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4 Comments on ““Hard to call it a party without sardines.””

  1. Christer. Says:

    We actually reached 39,2F today and tomorrow we might reach 37,4F if we’re lucky. Most likely we won’t reach 32 according to the radio prediction. Too bad because the sun will shine most of the day they say. Still I’ll be working so I won’t notice much anyway.

    I buy organic peanut butter for my dogs, so sugar or salt added either and I have to say it’s rather nasty 🙂 🙂 🙂 They were out of that speciffic one yesterday so I bought another organic one but with some salt added (no sugar in it though) and it tastes so much better 🙂 🙂

    To be honest I use jelly and jam much the same, if I’m out of one I don’t mind using the other, mostly I only use it for pancakes anyway 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Hi Christer,
      It stayed cold today. I was out in the yard for a while but came back inside when my hands got cold. my heat has been blasting all day, but it wile getting warmer.

      The groundnut paste was just peanuts, nothing added. I used to add the oil and salt to taste. It was really thick. It did taste good though.

      I find jelly not thick enough.Jam has fruit which is why I prefer it. Jelly sometimes has a different consistency which I sometimes don’t like.

      Enjoy today!

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today’s been cloudy and very windy. Today we only reached the high 70s. Sunday was fluke at 94°, although the record was 96°.

    I’m a big fan of strawberry jam, or strawberry preserves. I love it on a slice of white bread toast with butter. For some reason, I don’t like PB & J sandwiches. I like my peanut butter plain and on Ritz Crackers. Everything is better on a Ritz. Advertising slogans really work. I like both the crunchy and the plain peanut butter. Have you ever tasted cashew butter? It’s fabulous.

    I never tried Sardines on a Saltine cracker. I usually just ate them out of the can. I can’t remember when the last time I had them. I don’t think it’s been since I’ve been married, and that’s over 36 years.

    I may have asked you before, what is marshmallow fluff?

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      Today stayed cold. I was out for a while but went back inside when I got cold. A record was broken the other day in the western part of the state but it was a record cold.

      I have tried cashew butter, and it is delicious. I don’t why I don’t buy it often. It doesn’t matter to me, chunky or smooth. I like all sorts of jams. I jump from one taste to another. Hot pepper jam is great on a cracker with cream cheese.

      I don’t like peanut butter on a Ritz. I think the Ritz tastes so good on its own it takes away from the peanut butter.

      That’s funny: you never ate sardines on a Saltine and I never ate then without a saltine.

      Marshmallow Fluff from Lynn, Massachusetts but sold all over the country. https://marshmallowfluff.com

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