“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware”

The rain started around 2:30 this morning. It started staccato. I listened for a while then turned off the light and fell sleep. The dogs woke me around 8:30, and it was pouring. I let the dogs out, yes, I am the one, and went back to bed. They were asleep on my bed when I finally stirred close to noon. I am a sloth without the toe nails.

The darkness the rain brings always feels somehow comforting. I am dry and warm in my house. The lamp on the table gently lights the room. The dogs on the couch beside me sleep soundly with only an occasional sigh. I can hear my heat blasting. I checked the news and the weather. Both are unsettling, the news the worst.

This morning I had coffee and an English muffin. I had no cream but did have almond milk in the oven. It was part of my emergency stores; actually, it was the only emergency store. The English muffins were flat from packaging. They are a brand new to me. I used the last of my black mission fig jam. The almond milk tasted just fine and so did the flat muffins covered in fig jam.

President Biden is in Brussels. My sister and I reminisced about the trip we took there with our parents. We stayed at the Hotel Amigo right off the Grand-Place. It was exquisite and about as far as you can get from a hostel bunk room and a shared bathroom. It was during this trip my father unceremoniously gave me the keys to the rental. He never drove on any of our trips again. It started from the airport. He was lost, didn’t know where we could find the hotel. I gave him directions. He wouldn’t listen as I had never been in Brussels before this, but I had seen signs to the center of the city, and I knew that’s where our hotel was. He finally listened, and we easily found our hotel. The trip which broke the driver’s back (sorry, it is the best I could do) was the trip to Bruges. We ended up in Waterloo. We went to the worst museum I have ever seen. They had cones on the floor around the puddles. There were empty display cases. It smelled musty. We left laughing. We did find a really good museum in Waterloo, and we eventually made it to Bruges. I drove.

The last story I’ll tell is on me. On that same trip we went to Bastogne. We ate at a restaurant in a hotel where the Americans had stayed during the siege of Bastogne when it was surrounded by Germans. My father and I ordered boar. When the waiter brought the food, he asked who the two boars were. My mother and sister roared laughing and pointed to my father and me.

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4 Comments on “ “All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware””

  1. Birgit Says:

    You probably confused the poor waiter when laughing 🙂 It’s quite common around here to be named after your ordered food, nobody cares, I just didn’t know that Belgian waiters also do it. Btw, hi, I’m the fish. In Belgium probably fish and fries but I only remember eating tarte flambée in Bruges, a quick side trip from the Netherlands, and fries when we went camping in Belgium to see a folk festival with the McGarrigles and more. Otherwise Belgium was often just transit to France with a few stops.

    • katry Says:

      I’m not so sure I’d like being called by my food though in a restaurant at a table of multiple people I understand its necessity. Yes, I’m the boar.

      Bruges was lovely. We even climbed the tower. My father’s fault. He went up and was gone only a few minutes when he poked his head out a window. We were surprised how high he was so we followed. It was excruciating. You had to put your feet sideways o a good portion of the upper steps.

      We really enjoyed Belgium.

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today was a little warmer than yesterday with a high temperature of 68°. The sky was clear with northwest breeze. By Sunday we will be close to 90°.

    I spent a week in Brussels a few years ago. I stayed oitnby the airport. One of the days I took the train into town and saw the tourist sights. It was in December and it was cold and rainy. I enjoyed the food and especially the chocolate. It’s a funny country in that the people speak French in the south and Flemish in the North which is a dialect of Dutch. I rented a car, but I turned it back in after a day. One of my students was from Amsterdam and he was staying in the same hotel. He drove us back and forth from the trading center.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      It rained on and off all day even up to not that long ago. The wind and rain made it feel even colder. It will be warm Saturday.

      We were directly in the center of the city, a block from the Grad-Place. We walked all over Brussels and ate in amazing restaurants. I bought some truffles in a chocolate shop. My father asked why I bought them. He hadn’t ever heard of truffles. I told him, and he took one. I swear that man ate the whole bag. I could hear his hand rustling in the bag when he stole a truffle.

      We also drove all around Belgium into the Netherlands.

      It was a great trip.

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