“I’ll tell Father what you did here today.”

The day is pretty. It is sunny and calm but chillier than it has been; it’s only in the 40’s and won’t get much higher. I do have a couple of errands so I’ll venture out. I have been taking Nala with me, and she loves the car. I don’t know if I am brave enough to bring Henry. He hates the car.

When I was a kid, if we didn’t do what my mother told us, she always threatened to tell my father. He was the hammer. She knew it. We knew it. When I was older, my mother took to throwing things. I remember my dictionary whizzing through the air. Nothing ever hit us. She knew that. We knew that. We were safe until the flying slipper. My mother wore slippers during the day. She started throwing the slippers. They were close at hand. She missed every time then she told one of us to bring the slipper back. We knew that was a bad idea. The slipper was no longer just a projectile. It had become a weapon. If one of us returned it, that good soul would get whacked. We were quick to solve the slipper problem. We threw it back, gently. My mother wasn’t happy. We were. We ran in the opposite direction. She yelled at us she’d tell my father.

When I was in high school, my father worked away on weekends. He came home Friday nights and left Monday mornings. We were waiting until the end of the school year to move. We’d greet my father then meet my friends and head out for Friday night doings. I had no curfew so I was never late; actually, I made sure to get home early, but when I got home, I still had to fill out what my brother and I called the curfew card left on the desk. Both my parents were in bed so they had left the note on the desk asking us to sign in and write down the time. We complied. Nothing ever happened.

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6 Comments on ““I’ll tell Father what you did here today.””

  1. Christer. Says:

    The same wonderful weather today as we’ve had for almost two week now, or is it even longer? It’ll change during the weekend though so I’ll enjoy this for as long as I can.

    I have three dogs that couldn’t care less about the car 🙂 Nova is at least calm and quiet so I don’t mind bringing her but the two others are nightmares to bring, rarely a second when they aren’t shouting about something they see 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Hi Christer,
      I think we’ll have more rain by the weekend, but I’d just like a really warm day, one day will be enough to raise my energy.

      Henry is a nervous wreck in the car. When I took both dogs to the vets, Henry didn’t mind mind as much because Nala was with him. Nala actually likes riding. If she thinks I’m going out, she waits by the door. I try to take her.

      Enjoy your day.

  2. lilydark Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Slippers a weapon, oh my! The day is really pretty, but Cookie woke me up so early, I had to take a nap, and am still fuzzy. I think the hammer in the family was my sister. Or at dinner, when report cards came. A b wasn’t quite up to par.
    I used to as a teen sneak out out of house and stay with my friend. My dad would figure it out, and call her Mom, who just told my dad I was safe, and to let me sleep. That was when my parents were losing their business, so every one was a little crazy.
    Take Care,
    Lori and Ms. Cookie

    • katry Says:

      Hi Lori,
      The slippers were both a projectile and an up close weapon; however, we were faster.

      I never sneaked out. I had no reason. My brother did, and he got caught. Big mistake. My parents were good about us going out. The only glitch was if my parents went out then one of us had to babysit. Luckily we had to take turns.

      Have a great evening.

  3. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today was chilly, breezy, and overcast. The high temperature was only 67°. Last night the tornadoes missed us as the line of severe thunderstorms rolled through the area. Living through one tornado is enough for a lifetime.

    My father also traveled from Monday morning and returned on Friday evening. My mother also threatened us with telling my father how we had misbehaved. By Friday evening she would forget our antics. We were always on our best behavior on Thursdays and Fridays. Sometimes she would also throw shoes at us, but she threw the hard ones. Of course, we would also run off with her shoes which made her even more angry.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I saw the results of the tornados on the national news. There was so much destruction. Those poor people.

      It got windy and so it got chilly. I needed socks. Where we have uke practice is chilly. I wasn’t warm enough tonight so I brought the cold home with.

      My father was only home only weekends for not quite a year, but that was the I was in high school. My mother’s throwing slippers and her threats were when we were young. The threats were real army father came hoe every night from work, but usually not until late, 6 or 7. By then my mother had cooled down and didn’t tell my father.

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