“Alone, but safe and sound.”

Today is a spring day. The bright sun is framed by a cloudless, deep blue sky. The morning air has a bit of a chill, but, in typical spring fashion, the day will get warmer. I’m going to clean the backyard so it will look less like a vacant lot. Nala has been busy stealing trash and secretly taking it through the dog door. I caught her once yesterday with a box in her mouth. She dropped it and jumped when I yelled, but the odds are in her favor. I seldom catch her.

Henry is asleep on the couch. I know that doesn’t sound revolutionary, but my house cleaner is here, and Henry doesn’t care. He isn’t following her and barking. That’s the revolutionary part. Also, Henry has mastered the dog door. He stands outside and bangs the door, but I ignore him so he comes in on his own. That is also revolutionary.

When I was a kid, I walked more than I rode my bike. All week I walked to and from school. On Saturday mornings, I walked to the armory for junior drill. On Saturday afternoons, I walked uptown to the movie theater. When I was older, I still walked. On weekday mornings it was to the bus stop with a reverse walk in the afternoons. In the early evenings, on Tuesdays, I walked to drill and later at night I walked home. I never worried. I grew up feeling safe.

When my parents moved off Cape while I was in the Peace Corps, they couldn’t find a key to the house. It was never locked. I think they finally found the key in the junk drawer with all the other odd objects.

When I was a kid, I loved riding my bike to school. The bike rack in the schoolyard was under trees. It was wooden and painted green, the perfect color for St. Patrick’s School. I never had a lock, but I never worried about my bike. I knew it would always be there in the green bike rack at the end of school.

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4 Comments on ““Alone, but safe and sound.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    We are finally getting some rain. I thought that we would have a gully washer of downpours, but I will take anything at this point. It looks like the big storms are still out to the west. The cold front hasn’t passed yet because it’s nearly 70° under cloudy skies. I’m heading home soon because I left my umbrella in the car this morning. I’m betting it won’t rain when I go home and it’s betting it will pour and get me soaking wet. 🙂

    When I was a teenager in NYC I walked everywhere. I would take the subway into Manhattan and then walk up town or downtown on Saturdays and I never bought an additional car fare. I walked to and from school daily. Today I won’t even walk a mile to the grocery store. I’ve become totally dependent on my car. At nearly four dollars a gallon for regular gasoline, I should probably walk more and save a couple of dollars.

    Your kleptomaniac dog is having the time of her life. Even if she drops the object of the moment when you scream at her, it’s still a fun game to her. At least she’s not stolen the family jewls and buried them in the back yard. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I love the description gully washer. That’s not something heard around here. I’m glad you finally got rain. I hope you’ll get much more of it.

      We have yet to reach 70˚ here on the cape. Boston has. I think we have reached 60˚ only a couple of times so far. I’d love 70˚ and would never think it a cold front.

      I love walking the city of Boston. It is the most walkable city with wonderfully distinct neighborhoods. We used to take the bus then the subway into the city when I was in high school.

      I don’t have to scream at her but I have to be stern and use a deeper voice. Inside the house she drops stuff. Outside she has the advantage and she runs. You’re right. She enjoys the game.

  2. Birgit Says:

    It’s spring now, my magnolia already started to bloom though nights are still frosty. Each year it starts earlier than the year before, climate change is obvious here by now. Another sunny day here, I enjoy the sun but it’s already too dry.

    Biking. Just today our town council published a report that our citizen’s petition for better bike infrastructure is invalid because a far-reached detail is wrong and they don’t have to provide our demanded improvements. In most parts of town biking is too dangerous for kids by now. Climate strike on Friday, surprise – we’ll do a bike rally downtown.

    • katry Says:

      We always have a later spring than areas north of us. I checked my forsythia bush and it doesn’t even have buds yet. The blooming of that tree is usually in late April or early May so nothing early here or at least not so noticeably early.

      There is a wonderful Cape Bike Trail which pretty much is top of cape to end of cape. They are really popular spots. The parking lots are filled weekends in the summer. There are also bike trails throughout the towns. As there are no sidewalks, the bike trails also have lots of walkers and people with their dogs. They just added two new bridges so bikers no longer have to walk across the road but can instead ride over.

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