“Sometimes on the journey, you step in dog poop. But you don’t let the whole journey be about the fact that your shoe got poop on it.”

Yesterday and last night we had rain. Only a few clouds are left and more are disappearing, pushed away by the sun. Rain comes back tomorrow. Today is warm, already 53˚, and it will get warmer. I noticed the tip of a hyacinth in the front yard has popped. I can see purple. The daffodil bulbs too are beginning to show their colors. I see yellow and white. Spring is in the wings itching for her turn.

My house is relatively clean if you stay out of the kitchen. That floor is always a mess of paw prints. I make plans to wash it then it rains. Plans dashed. Washing the floor today was on the top of my to-do list so I am responsible for the forecast of rain tomorrow. I don’t know which is worse: living with that paw-painted floor or washing it just before the rain. I’m thinking I can’t take that floor anymore.

My father ran a company which provided sand blasting equipment and materials. 3M once sent a plane for the walnut shells only my father’s company had. When we were in Europe, my father saw a sand blaster and made me take his picture in front of it. That became part of every trip. Find a sandblaster. Another part of every trip was my father pointing to a poo pile. It started in the barn of the farm B&B where we stayed in Belgium. He pointed to it so I wouldn’t step on it. In France he pointed to a pile on the beach. In England, it was a London sidewalk. I have all the slides. My father is smiling in all of them.

I have been a sloth most of this week. I’ve sweatshirt-sleeve dusted a few tables, rearranged some baskets and put some Nala targets away, but that is getting more and more impossible. Did I mention Nala’s newest? I heard banging on the stairs and then in the kitchen. That’s when I investigated. Nala was trying to steal a 608 page hard-cover, The President’s Daughter. Nala had gotten it off my bedside table and down the stairs. She was trying to get it out the dog door but she kept dropping it and giving herself away. I saved the book. Maybe Nala should try smaller books.

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4 Comments on ““Sometimes on the journey, you step in dog poop. But you don’t let the whole journey be about the fact that your shoe got poop on it.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today it’s partly cloudy with a high temperature predicted to reach 65°. The weekend should be beautiful. Last night we got just a sprinkle of rain. The few thunderstorms passed to our north. Our next chance for rain is Monday night. As of yesterday we have moved into extream draught instead of just severe draught.

    Your father was member of the poop patrol. I look down while walking to avoid dog poop and also pick up coins that have been dropped on the ground. I assume he would also pick up a few coins along the way. 🙂

    Now it appears that Nala is furthering her education by moving books to the backyard so she can read them when it’s warm outside. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I don’t remember him ever finding a coin when I was with him, but I do expect he would pick up that coin.

      Rain will be here tomorrow. A while back we were told we could only water our lawns twice a week, but that was before all the rain of late. I don’t know if they will ever change that directive.

      He never looked down when he walked but somehow happened upon poop anyway.

      That is so true about Nala. I didn’t think about her preparing for the summer and deck reading. Now I know.

  2. Christer. Says:

    We had rain too last night but today the sun shone and it was nice and warm even though the wind was quite strong. The rain kickstarted the bulbs so today I found crocus and iris in bloom 🙂 Nights will still stay below freezing but days will finally become warmer so now spring has sprung here 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Hi Christer,
      The sun came out here too but it felt damp all day. Tonight is still warmish and damp. Rain coming tomorrow.

      Spring is late in coming to the cape, but it is coming. I was so happy to see the hyacinth. I’ll have to check the crocus on the side of the house. They must be poking up now too.

      I’m so happy spring is coming!!

      Have a wonderful Saturday!

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