“The bond between a Boxer and his family is really no less than a remarkable, caring, and totally committed love affair”

Last night was so cold I gasped for breath when I went outside. The relentless wind made it feel even colder. My car couldn’t warm up fast enough. My fingers were so cold I held them against the heater vent.

On the ride to my friend’s for dinner, I saw even more houses lit up against the darkness. In one front yard a huge fir tree was ablaze with colored Christmas bulbs. It was the brightest spot on the road. I decided I’d light my colored bulbs tonight.

Every morning my newspaper is either on the walkway or on the front step. I didn’t know who to thank for tossing my paper into the yard until this morning. I was up early and went to get my paper. I jumped when I looked up and saw an unexpected person by my car with my paper in hand. She was dressed in the brightest lime jacket with black lines. I went to chat and to thank her. In the course of our conversation she told me her age, 91. She wears a Fitbit and counts her steps. She figures she walks about two miles every day. The woman is extraordinary.

My house got TP’ed yesterday afternoon, inside. I was at my computer and was totally oblivious as to what was happening. When I got up, I saw my hall floor was covered in shredded toilet paper. My living room too had shredded toilet paper but mostly on the rug. I went upstairs to check, and my bedroom had TP on the bed and floor. As for the culprit, I knew right away Miss Nala had been enjoying herself. She had stolen a roll of paper from the bathroom counter, far back on the counter, or at least I thought so. Miss Nala made hay, so to speak, while I was otherwise occupied.

Our dog Duke was a roamer in the days before leash laws. He was the dog who followed kids to the East School and then followed us to St. Pat’s. My father would call for him, and Duke would ignore him. My father, in his fury at being ignored, would jump into his car and chase Duke. Sometimes he caught him.

Duke and his son Sam wandered all over town. Sam was a silly boxer who smiled. The two of them were marauders known around the neighborhood. One time my father had to get the two of them after a neighbor called and claimed she was being held hostage by the two dogs outside her house. They would not leave when she yelled. In her house was a dog in heat, and both Sam and Duke were hopeful for a future relationship. My father got Sam easily, but Duke was evasive. My father got apoplectic. Once Sam was captured, Duke decided to listen and got into the car. Sam was delivered to his home first. My father dropped Duke off then left immediately for work. He was running late. Duke was a wily opponent who usually won every stand-off. I have boxers with all their peculiarities because of Duke. He was the best dog.

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4 Comments on ““The bond between a Boxer and his family is really no less than a remarkable, caring, and totally committed love affair””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    When a house get’s TP’ed it’s usually done by adolescent mischievous teenagers similar to Nala. 🙂 Today the sky began clouding up around noon but the temperature peaked at 65°. The wind was howling out of the south all day.

    How do you reach the age of 91 years? By engaging in moderate exercise and keeping your mind active. Somehow the only physical activity I engage in is pushing myself away from the table. Working has kept my mind busy and maintained my sanity while living in my dysfunctional family. Unfortunately, bad habits from my youth have caught up to me and it’s difficult to even minimally exercise. I will probably try again in the spring to start a walking routine.

    Sometimes I think that our dogs actually own us. We had a black lab mix who was as stubborn as the day is long. She did her own thing and ignored everyone in the house. Sadly, she passed away while lying on the floor having some kind of seizure. She was a rescue and we had no idea of her actual age.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      Usually the outside is TP’ed. It takes Nala to reverse it. She is a pip.

      Today stayed really cold. Tomorrow will be warm if only in comparison, in the 40’s.

      That lady looked really good. She suggested it was the walking which has helped her get into the 90’s. My back prevents me from walking. I have to stop and give my back a break which I’m out shopping. I always hope to park near the store.

      Henry was too afraid of so many things when I got him. Now he is so much better. He comes in the dog door. It only took nearly 4 years, but I think it was Nala going in and out which got Henry moving. Both dogs manipulate me, no question about it. Both of them have sad faces they use on me. I always give in to them.

      • Bob Says:

        Ask your physician to give you a prescription for a handicapped license plate or tag. I have one. Don’t worry about your dogs manipulating you, my kids manipulate my wife and I. 🙂

      • katry Says:

        Thanks, Bob. I have a physical this week so I’ll ask my doctor for the prescription for handicapped sign. It goes over the mirror, no license plates here.

        My dogs have learned well, and it sounds as if your kids have too!!

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