“Time is a game played beautifully by children.” 

The wind last night was so strong it blew down branches in the backyard. I could feel the cold from the dog door all the way down the hall to the den. When I checked, I could see the cover flapping. I shut the back door. Noises came with the wind. A branch scraped against the house. A metallic sound came from the back wall in the kitchen, the one looking on to the deck. I didn’t go out. It was far too windy. The dogs were quickly out and back.

This morning I surveyed the deck and yard. It is still quite windy, and the branches are swaying. Nala was doing her zoomies with paper in her mouth, paper stolen from my recycle bin. When I looked over the deck rail, I could see trash in my yard, empty lot in the city trash, all papers. A tall light was the sound against the house, no damage.

We have a sky full of grey clouds, a high wind warning and 51˚. Heinous chores are on my to do list. The laundry is already down here in a basket leaning against the cellar door. My bed has been stripped. A couple of trash bags are in the trunk. I guess I’ll go to the dump. Nala will come with me. She really enjoys the car ride to the dump. I don’t. Maybe if I stuck my head out the window like Nala I might enjoy the ride and the dump more.

My life has been a bit boring of late. The only interesting tidbits of activity have to do with my uke. Sunday it was a concert, Tuesday was practice and Wednesday was my lesson. The highlight of the week will be Saturday and dinner with friends, but first I have to get through Friday and the dentist who’s filling a tooth.

When I was a kid, I was seldom bored. My neighborhood was filled with kids. Our backyards were grassy with a hill in the middle separating the houses on the top from the houses on the bottom where I lived. We used to play games on the grass, games like Red Rover, Hide and Seek, Red Light, Green Light, Tag and Simon Says. We also played a freeze game whose name I don’t remember. The it person would touch us, and we’d have to freeze until another player touched us, and we could unfreeze. I don’t remember how that game ended. I’m thinking maybe when all of us were frozen. We all had roller skates, ice skates, sleds and bikes. Our sleds were wooden, our bikes had no gears and back pedal brakes, but our ice skates were classics, still the same today.

I’m still aghast and horrified. I saw an article in a magazine about the granny cart, the same cart I bought a while back. I keep it in the trunk. Granny cart? Please!!!

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3 Comments on ““Time is a game played beautifully by children.” ”

  1. Christer. Says:

    It snowed and rained when I drove to work this morning but the rest of the day was just grey and dull. We’ll actually get some sunshine tomorrow and most likely on Saturday and Sunday as well, at least as long as the low pressures pass by night as they are guessing they will 🙂

    I’ve noticed that if I place something, like a Kong toy with banana and peanut butter smeared inside it in a place where Alma believes she takes it without permission she actually leave everything else alone. She hasn’t stolen a single thing in weeks now!!

    So as soon as she think I’m asleep she goes downstairs and takes it and when she’s done with it she comes back and falls asleep in the bedroom.

    Have a great day!


  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    I just Googled “granny cart” and they sell them under that name on Walmart’s website. I didn’t know that they made so many different types. I used to call those things, just a shopping cart. When we lived in Brooklyn, when I was a little kid, my mother and my grandmother walked to the grocery store a few blocks away and they pulled those carts behind them instead of carrying the bags of groceries in their arms.

    This morning we got a little rain followed by the cold front. The temperature dropped from 53° down to 38° now with a strong north wind. The sky is still cloudy. Winter only took a break earlier when the high temperature was nearly 80°.

  3. Birgit Says:

    It was quite stormy last night but not really a problem where I live but the bigger storm tomorrow night might be. We’ll see. I checked house and garden this morning and found a bucket-sized piece of plastic, maybe part of a chimney, not ours I think, I will ask the neighbors.
    My aunt complained that the sidewalks in this country are partly too bad to really use a granny cart. Unfortunately she’s right. In the region where I live we jokingly also call it a heel Porsche.

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