“Oh my sweet Saturday, I have been waiting for you for six long days.”

Today is another delight. It is already over 50˚. The breeze is sight and barely moves even the smallest branches. The dogs have been out for a while. They love this weather, and they’d better get their fill today as 3.3 inches of snow are predicted for tomorrow, yup 3.3. I’m going out for a bit this afternoon as I need gas, cat food and some safe for paws deicer.

Nala did her perp walk out the dog door so I investigated. Even though I was but a minute behind her she was already running the yard with her booty in her mouth. Come too find out she had one of her favorite toys. I pretended to chase her, and she looped the yard four or five times with the toy in her mouth. While I was out there, I saw my gourd in the back of the yard. I hadn’t even missed it. When I got it, the string attaching it to the table leg for safety was still on the gourd. It must have been stolen by a master thief.

I find myself a bit bored. I read, play online games, swipe dust with my sweatshirt sleeve and rearrange tables and such. Yesterday’s lunch was a wonderful break in my routine. I got to see friends and enjoyed a great meal. I was treated to lunch by my friend Charlie.

When I was a kid, I don’t think I ever stayed home on a Saturday. In winter it was the matinee at the only theater in town or ice skating at the park or the swamp. In warmer weather I’d explore on my bike. I’d ride all over town to new spots and favorite spots. I’d stop to greet the horses in the town stable, ride by the golf course looking for balls and sometimes ride beside the tracks where there was a path. In summer I’d often go to the pool, walking in both directions, or to the swamp where I’d check out the frogs and wander to the back of the swamp jumping from one solid spot to another in trying to keep my sneakers dry. On my excursions, I usually brought my lunch, a sandwich, probably bologna, on soft white bread, Wonder bread I’m thinking, and some cookies for dessert. If I was lucky, there were still Oreos in the cabinet, the best traveling dessert. I’d be gone almost all of the afternoon.

Saturday night we ate our usual dinner of hot dogs, beans and brown bread, a dinner enjoyed by almost every kid I knew. The last ritual for Saturday night was a bath forced on us whether we were dirty or not.

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4 Comments on “ “Oh my sweet Saturday, I have been waiting for you for six long days.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Although we got down to freezing this morning, by noon the sun came out and we warmed up to 47° late this afternoon.

    When I was a kid Saturday’s was the day I could watch all my favorite kids shows in the morning and then go out and ride my bike in the afternoon. There was a small shopping center nearby our house and I would spend most of my weekly allowance on candy and comic books. My mother didn’t have a special dinner that she served on Saturday night. Occasionally, my parents would go out without us and we would drive the baby sitter insane. I think my mother found them from an agency and one evening with my sister and I and the sitters refused to come back. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      We got to 54˚ . Even now it is 47˚. The snow will start in the morning and snow most of the day without a huge accumulation. I just hope it will be okay to drive as I have a uke concert in the early afternoon.

      I loved all the Saturday morning kid shows. I’d grab a bowl of cereal and sit and watch. It was in the afternoon I’d take off either on my bike or walk up town.

      Our Saturday dinner was universal. It was considered a New England meal on a Saturday night. Pretty much all of my friends had the same meal.

      I don’t remember my parents going out much, and I don’t remember baby sitters. With 4 of us kids, I doubt it was an appealing babysitting gig.

  2. Birgit Says:

    It’s still cold but sunny for a change and we saw and heard the first signs of spring today. Several flocks of whatever in the air, probably geese. I couldn’t really see which ones, wrong glasses. Tree blackbirds are regular visitors, an older curious pair plus a young male blackbird which is still shy. The older male blackbird joyfully sang next to me this morning. Mainly robins, tits and sparrows are at the feeder, the usual urban winter crowd, occasionally a goldcrest. I’m still waiting for more finches. And more sun. And spring.

    • katry Says:

      Snow tomorrow makes spring seem ever further away. Mother Nature played with us by giving us a warmish day today then snow tomorrow. February is aways an iffy month.

      I have seen robins, the winter robins who stay around all year, and chickadees. They are the stalwarts of winter.

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