“It is easy to believe we are each waves and forget we are also the ocean.”

Today did not have an auspicious beginning. I slid out of bed. The topper had moved beyond the mattress. When I was helpless on the floor, both dogs came after me for their morning pats and scratches. I was a bit overwhelmed by their attention and couldn’t get off the floor. I was stuck. It took me a little while to pull myself up off the floor with two dogs licking me while I struggled. When I got up, the dogs were disappointed. Meanwhile, Jack was meowing for attention. He got it.

The rain started yesterday and continued into the morning. My clean floor disappeared under the onslaught of wet paws. The prints go from the kitchen door all the way down the hall. I’ll wait until the rain stops to clean.

It was early for me, 8:30, when I went to get the paper. I was amazed at the warmth despite the rain. It is 41˚though the day will get colder as it passes. I don’t care. I am staying home today. I have no errands or appointments. The dump is closed on Tuesday so that will wait until tomorrow.

I feared I was being gaslighted. Crooked pictures are one of my bugaboos, and I found many about the house yesterday. After giving some thought to it and disregarding ghosts, I realized my cleaning lady was the culprit. When she dusted the frame rims, the pictures got crooked, and that’s where they stayed until I went through the house straightening them all. I also went about the house returning objects to their original spots on tables and such. When Maria dusts them, she just puts them down anywhere on the table. I figure at least they’re dusted.

When I was a kid, the living room was where we spend the most time. That’s where the TV was, that giant cabinet with a tiny screen. The couch was on the longest wall. My father always read his paper while sitting on the comfy chair near the picture window. I usually sat on the floor to watch TV. I thought it was the best seat in the house even though I was flirting with going blind.

Yesterday two real person came to visit for bit. I think I chatted non-stop. I gave a play by play of life on the inside. She too lives mostly inside, but we’re both okay. We have our books which keep us content and wonderfully fill our time. My second visit was quick, a handoff of the most delightful gift. My neighbor brought me the most amazing chocolate cake. I swear it weighted pounds with all the frosting and the layers. It quenched my hunger for chocolate.

I love my neighbors. I get messages from my neighbor across the street offering comfort and any help I might need. The chocolate cake neighbor also shoveled me out last week. I don’t see people often but I don’t feel alone. I have folks who give me happiness with their words and their mighty gifts.

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8 Comments on ““It is easy to believe we are each waves and forget we are also the ocean.””

  1. Christer. Says:

    To have great neighbors is the best thing in the world, it looks like we’re both lucky in that way! I can never allow them to move away 🙂 🙂

    We had pouring rain here this morning and very strong winds, made it a bit tricky to drive to work, I couldn’t see the road some times. The rest of the day however has been sunny and warm and I even saw some of it when I drove homewards 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Neighbors on my street are especially important because on this small street of eight houses three of them are seasonal so empty this time of year.

      The rain has stopped but it has left an ugly, dark, damp day.

      Take care!!

  2. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    That’s pretty much how my dogs would view me falling on the ground. “Oh look! She’s down and needs our help. Jump on her and lick her face.” I hope you weren’t damaged.
    I’m friendly with my neighbors and we chat whenever we meet each other outside. They have helped me out now and then. But I’ve never gotten a densely chocolate cake from any of them. 😀
    It stopped raining up here fairly early. A lot of the cement-like coating of snow is softening up and my sidewalk and steps are almost completely clear. That stuff was nasty solid. I had to take off my shoe and bang it on the icy coating on the hood of my car just to break it up and remove it. And that was after the car had been running for awhile.
    Have a great day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I did try to hide from those animals. They thought it was a game. I was glad I could pull myself up by grabbing the bed rail. I wasn’t damaged.

      My neighbor had read on Coffee about my wanting chocolate so she was glad to oblige. I think she was trying to give me a pick- you-up after she read about Gwen. I loved the cake.

      We have been warm enough that if anything, there is only morning windshield frost. Just about all the snow has gone except for some under trees, sheltered from the rain.

      It isn’t raining now but it is ugly outside.

  3. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today is another gorgeous day with clear skies and a high temperature of 65°F. It’s hard to believe that last Friday morning the low was in the teens with ice and snow everywhere.

    Several months ago, I accidentally missed the last step on the stairs at work and fell down. I didn’t break anything, but for the first time in my life I couldn’t get back up. Luckily, I used my arms to prop myself up on the bottom step and then I pulled myself up by the banister. It reminded me of the old TV commercial where the old man or woman falls in the house. They than speak into a device they are wearing on a chain around their neck saying, “Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”. That’s what old people need, and I’m not old. Maybe I’m just a little past middle age. I probably need an Apple iWatch to automatically call 911 if I fall outside. I will tell everyone that an iWatch is for tracking my health and my exercise routine. 🙂

    Since we moved to our current house in July 2020, we haven’t met any of our neighbors. The folks next door on one side are an older couple with three large expensive cars and a big pickup, several bicycles and they wave if they are outside when we are. On the other side we have a younger couple who had a new baby last year. I assume when you’re locked in during Covid with nothing to do in 2020, babies arrive nine months later. 🙂 We wave but haven’t spoken to them. When Covid is over we might introduce ourselves.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      Okay, enough with the beautiful day! It rained a good part of my day and has stayed dark and damp. Tomorrow will be sunny but cold. Either we have a warm rainy day or cold sunny one.

      I used the wooden side of the bed to pull myself up. When I tried to get myself up without help, the dogs thought it was part of the game. I am going to be 75, and I have had a tendency to fall (knock on wood-not lately). Maybe I do need something like the Apple iWatch. I think it would take a couple of days before anyone checked on me.

      My neighbors across the street have been there only a couple of years. The former owners lived there from 1978 until 2019 when they moved into assisted living as the husband had Alzheimer’s. The rest of my neighbors have been here anywhere from three to over forty years. I talk to each of them if there are out in the yard.

      • Bob Says:

        Okay, I will refrain from talking about the good weather. We are still in a terrible drought and could use a few days of steady rainfall.

        The Apple Watch, as far as I know will call 911 and report your location. If you are inside your house the police and paramedics will break down your front door to save your life if you can’t answer the door.

        One of my idiot coworkers, a few years ago, was having severe chest pains in the middle of the night. Instead of chewing a standard size aspirin tablet he took a handful of Benadryl. He thinks it cures inflammation. He didn’t want to call 911 because he didn’t want the police to breakdown his front door because he was unable to go downstairs. In the morning he came to work and everyone convinced him to go see his doctor immediately. The doctor said he had suffered a heart attack and he’s the only human being in history who survived one by taking Benadryl. He takes colloidal silver to prevent Covid-19. He did get one vaccination because his physician refused to treat him unless he took the shot. He also takes DMSO (Dimethylsulfoxide) internally daily. He thinks he’s a medical doctor without a portfolio. 🙂

  4. katry Says:

    A friend of mine has an Apple watch. She got it after a bad fall. She also suggested I get one to be safe.

    His first mistake was not getting help immediately. Severe chest pains ought to be checked ASAP. My mother put a locked box on her house with the house key inside so if the fire department or police needed to get inside they wouldn’t have to break down the door. That guy is a walking medicine cabinet.

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