“The very fact of snow is such an amazement.” 

The snow is beautiful. The topmost flakes are diamonds glinting in the sun. The sunlight reflecting off the snow is blindingly bright. The sky is a gorgeous blue. We got less snow than predicted, but the snow is so heavy everything is covered, and the lowers branches of the oak trees sag under the weight. Bushes are laden and are bending to the ground. I saw one plow much earlier on the street beside mine but not on mine which still has a layer of snow. Two of my neighbors are out and about, their driveways shoveled. I will wait for Skip, my factotum. I did cancel an early dentist appointment tomorrow in case I am low on Skip’s list.

One of my neighbors is here shoveling my walk and car so if I need to go out, I can. I am thrilled for this kindness.

We all survived the storm, that is all except my cable. The box has stopped working, but I was fine last night. I watch a Hallmark movie on my computer. In the middle of a raging blizzard, nothing is more comforting than a Hallmark movie. They always have happy endings.

I read in bed for a while last night. Nala joined me. Henry stayed downstairs until early this morning when he wanted into the bedroom. I let him in and he joined Nala and me on the bed, on my double bed.

Nala loves the snow. She eats it. I watched her burrow her muzzle into the snow and start chomping. She comes back inside with her muzzle, nose and the top of her head covered in snow.

Henry was upset last night and this morning. The holly tree, overladen with heavy snow, covered the deck stairs. Nala got through the branches and Henry went through one way, down. He wouldn’t up through the branches. He tried both sets of stairs, no luck. Henry is weird in this way. He’ll go out the dog door but hates to come in through the dog door though he is getting better. He went down through the holly but wouldn’t go up. I grabbed a broom and used the stick to take as much snow as I could off the holly branches. They lifted enough for a clear passage underneath. I swear I saw Henry smile as he walked up the stairs to the door.

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3 Comments on ““The very fact of snow is such an amazement.” ”

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today was a partly cloudy but warmer day than yesterday. The high temperature reached a balmy 73°. Our winter weather should arrive on Wednesday night with some amount of ice pellets, or sleet, or snow, or a combination. Here an inch of any of the above frozen wet stuff will bring the entire Metroplex to a standstill. Winter weather turns all the freeways into ice skating rinks with bumper cars. 🙂 I plan on bringing my work laptop on Wednesday and working from home for the duration.

    If I never see any of the above frozen wet stuff, it will be too soon. 🙂 My company is opening a new training center in Las Vegas. They wanted a facility on the west coast, but the taxes and regulations in California are too onerous. If you stay off the strip, Las Vegas is a nice place if you like living in a desert. 🙁

    Recently, they changed the name of the airport to honor the late, Senator Harry Reed. Republicans are so anxious to name airports for their former office holders, they change the name before the person is dead. For example, Ronald Reagan National Airport. He was still alive but suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. One could argue that Reagan was mostly brain dead when they changed the name. George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston. George H.W. and his son were both alive when the name changed. Maybe, they will just add the words, “And W, Too” at the end of the name of the airport and get a two for. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      It is 6:30 and is 16˚ though it feels like 7˚. The dogs are outside and back inside quickly. They prefer to be rolled up and asleep on the couch.

      By Wednesday we should be back up to the mid 40’s. Most cape school are closed tomorrow. So many roads still need to be plowed, mine for one, that it is safer to keep busses from rolling.

      It hasn’t been a snowy winter so far but much of winter is still to come. I’m sure we’ll have more snow storms.

      HaHa, I love the idea of just adding “And W, too.” General Edward Lawrence International Logan Airport, just called Logan, was named after an American lawyer, judge, military officer, and politician. He seems to have been a good guy.

      • Bob Says:

        Thankfully, no one has proposed naming anything for Donald J. Trump. I would suggest the D.C. landfill would be an appropriate place. 🙂

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