“The goal of Sunday is to leave my home as little as possible.”

What a pretty day! The air is still, the sun is squint your eyes bright, and the sky is deep blue without a single cloud. It is 22˚ with a high wind warning. We are expecting wind gusts of 50-60 MPH and maybe even some coastal flooding. Rain will start late tonight.

I’ve started a new to do list. Not unexpectedly, the laundry tops the list. The basket is filled. I walk by it with eyes closed. I’m surprised I don’t trip on it.

Amazing news: Gwen started purring yesterday for the first time since she was diagnosed. I am thrilled. She is moving around more as well. Gwen is looking good.

When I was a kid, Sunday was my least favorite day of the week. We had to go to mass. It was only in the summer I didn’t mind going, didn’t even complain about it. I went to the early masses which were always crowded with people fulfilling their obligations so they could go to the beach or somewhere just as fun. The church usually ran out of room. People stood in the vestibule craning their necks to see the altar. The overflow stood on the top steps outside the church doors. My brother and I were, by choice, in the vestibule then we’d move to the top step and take a seat. We could hear the mass. We figured that was enough to let it count.

My eighth grade teacher was too old to deal with us. The classroom was generally quiet, but we all took advantage in different ways. I remember one kid would spill some milk in the waste basket then show it to Sister Hildegarde. She’d chastise the unknown culprit, actually standing in front of her but unbeknownst to her, and then send the culprit to clean it. He’d take the basket, leave and be gone a long while. Sister Hildegarde never noticed he was missing. My friend Jimmy and I often left early on the pretext we needed to go to the town library. Sister Hildegarde always gave us permission. We sometimes arrived back to class late after leaving for lunch, a lunch we brought and hid under our coats so we could leave. I remember once being an hour late. We told Sister Hildegarde we’d lost track of the time. She’d admonish us and tell us not to let it happen again. She always forgot. I remember she’d get exasperated at something or another or some student or another. She’d and tell us that when we graduated she was going to write on the board in tall letters, “Thank you, God, they are gone. “I always wondered if she really did.

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2 Comments on ““The goal of Sunday is to leave my home as little as possible.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today the sun is shining brightly and the winds have died down to almost calm. The temperature warmed up to the middle 50s.

    Thankfully, the hostage situation ended with none of the hostages hurt and the perpetrator was dispatched to, hopefully eternal damnation by the cops. Our Temple in Dallas had Suday morning men’s club meetings and one Sunday morning they invited the head of the Dallas FBI office to speak. He was telling the group that Muslim terrorists think that if they are killed during a terrorist attack that they go to heaven and get 40 virgins. The head of the Hebrew school was an Israeli woman. She asked the head of the FBI, “What do the woman terrorists get?” He had no answer. 🙂 I would rather get 40 whores. Nothing beats experience. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      It is after 11, and it is still warmish at 37˚ with the wind warning still in effect. It will get warmer tomorrow, the 40’s.

      I remember the promise of the 40 virgins for Muslim terrorists, and I also remember that 72 was also mentioned. I looked up the female terrorist awards, but I didn’t find an answer. It’s a good question.

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