“And how deeply, the passing moods of weather affected our own.”

When I let the dogs into the yard this morning, I swear I saw an elf. The purported elf was wearing green and red and slippers like a genie wears. He had on a tool belt and had a toy in his hand. I shook my head and looked again. The elf was gone. Am I delusional? Has being inside finally gotten to me? Then I realized the elf had probably been lost. He was thinking this is the North Pole at 15˚ and -1˚ with the wind and snow, yes snow, a dusting last night. No doubt, he wanted to go home where I suspect it’s warmer. Whoosh! The elf is gone and so is my sanity!

Nala has a new thing. The last few nights she has worked her way under the covers, gotten comfy and gone to sleep with a happy sigh. Another boxer, my Maggie, always slept under the covers on cold winter nights. Both dogs have winter coats, real coats, not just fur. Nala has Gracie’s, and it fits perfectly. Henry has the one I bought his first winter with me. It was fitted at the store. I’m a bit hesitant to put it on him. New things make him nervous.

I’m watching disaster movies. Right now it is lava from Vesuvius destroying Pompeii again. I started watching a different movie, one about snow covering the pyramids, but decided it was too close to home. I’m liking the heat from the lava.

When I was a kid, on days like today, I wore my long winter coat to school. It had buttons instead of a zipper. My mother had us layer. Underneath my coat I wore a sweater, a blue sweater which matched my uniform skirt. Sometimes I wore ski pants while other times I wore knee socks. I still remember the pink long underwear my mother bought me. It was thermal looking and covered my legs to about my knees. Every time I wore it, I lived in dread. I was always afraid the underwear would slip below my skirt to my ankles in front of everybody. I dutifully wore my hat and my mittens.

The weather is erratic at best. Today is frigid. Tomorrow will be in the 40’s. I’m going to keep nice and warm by staying home today. I need nothing. My larder is full. I do want something which I definitely don’t need. I want chocolate. It would make the isolation more bearable, and I’d be smiling a whole lot more.

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2 Comments on ““And how deeply, the passing moods of weather affected our own.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Maybe you have had way too many alone days at home. An elf is an imaginary being; however, a gnome, such as the one from Travelocity, is a sneaky little devil. Maybe you saw one that didn’t move and is available on Amazon. 🙂

    The other day our downstairs heat failed and today it failed again. This time our HVAC guy discovered that the gas valve solenoid has failed completely. The sad part is that he doesn’t know if he can get a replacement part due to the supply chain issues. Luckily the high temperatures for tomorrow and Thursday will be in the 60s and 70s. while the lows will be above freezing. Luckily the upstairs heat is working fine.

    When I was a teen in NYC I wore car length coats in the winter with a knit hat, gloves, and a scarf. Here I have a leather bomber jacket, no hat and a pair of gloves and a wool scarf for really cold days. I also have both a light and a medium weight jacket for the other days. Combined with a sweater I can layer based on the forecast. When I traveled to places like Toronto or Minneapolis I basically wore the leather jacket and didn’t venture outside except in a car. 🙁

  2. Rowen Says:

    Hard to do without chocolate when only chocolate will do.

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