“Heap on the wood, the wind is chill! But let it whistle as it will, we’ll keep our Christmas merry still.”

Today has little to commend it. The rain is still here. The sky is a dark, dismal gray. All the expectations are gone. The surprises have been revealed.

I love my Christmas presents. Moe found neat little stuff like the uglies snowman and the plastic bride and groom to add to my collections. Sheila too knows me well. She found neat gifts. Bill and Peg sent some fun presents and my sloth calendar. Sloths are cute. Please don’t disparage if you haven’t seen them. Moe found an old Bolga basket with the leather handle totally wrapped. She does find amazing gifts in her travels. My presents are in a pile so I can go through them again later.

Christmas dinner was scrumptious, and I get to have it again today. I also have some sugar cookies and more breads and a box of See’s chocolates, cinnamon drops and cinnamon lollipops. I always think Christmas is delicious in so many ways.

When I was a kid, the day after Christmas was a slow day. All our presents were piled under the tree, and we played with them over the course of the day when we were home. Usually we went to East Boston to visit my grandparents as did everyone else, all the aunts and uncles and the hundreds of cousins. There was a gathering in the kitchen, usually the women around the table. The men were watching football. The cousins were running and chasing each other. They were all younger than I, mostly my sisters’ ages. I stayed out of the way. At some time, usually earlier rather than later, my grandmother called us all to the living room and she gave out presents. She always had presents for us every holiday. That quieted the troops down for a bit. Food was on the stove. Eat when you’re hungry was the rule of the day. By early evening, it was time to grab the gifts, load the car and head home.

We usually fell asleep on the way home. It had been a long couple of days and one long night. The house was dark when we got home. I remember we raced to the windows to turn on the orange candle bulbs. Someone turned on the tree and someone else the outside lights. It was quiet. We sat around watching some TV and checking out our gifts again. I remember going through my stocking one item at a time, making a small pile then putting each item back inside the stocking. I went to bed early. I was really tired.

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6 Comments on ““Heap on the wood, the wind is chill! But let it whistle as it will, we’ll keep our Christmas merry still.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    The sun came out around noon but the temperature only got to 77°. I don’t think it’s a record high, but warm for the end of December.

    When I was a little kid in NYC we would have to make the obligatory visit to the grandparents. Because Jewish Holidays are celebrated for two days outside of Israel, we would visit each set of grandparents each holiday. My parents had to remember which set got the first night and which got the second night and alternate them. 🙂

    Now we are winding down to New Years and hoping for a better 2022.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      Right now, at near 8:30, it is 38˚ and will get even lower but not by much, maybe 4˚, a pittance this time of year.

      To go to my father’s parents was obligatory as we went infrequently but we were relieved from our obligations at least a few times by them. We liked going to my East Boston grandparents, the Gallaghers, my mother’s parents.

      We do need a better year!!!!!

  2. Les Says:

    Right now it’s very cloudy, cold & just plain terrible outside. No sun. Have not had a nice day for 2 days now. Snow, rain, and sleet expected making the roads nasty & dangerous. Weather is good then it’s bad. Hope we all have a much better 2022 New Year, but I think it just may get worse. BTW – where are you from?

    • katry Says:

      Hi Les,
      I live in Dennis, Massachusetts, the elbow on Cape Cod.

      We did have a bit of sun on Saturday but it didn’t stay around too long. The weather has been miserable here too. I’m happy to stay home.

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