Christmas Eve on Cape Cod: Susan Linton

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2 Comments on “Christmas Eve on Cape Cod: Susan Linton”

  1. Gill T. Says:

    Can you tell me definitively who wrote Christmas Eve on Cape Cod please? A friend has suggested I include it in a collection of carols I’m writing, but if it was written by Susan Linton it won’t be out of copyright until well after I die!
    I’ve been researching, but keep getting details of the Rothrock etc. Old Cape Cod, but can’t find details for Christmas Eve on Cape Cod.
    I live in Orkney by the way.

    • katry Says:

      I’m sorry but I have no additional information. I was shopping for a few groceries on Christmas Eve in Dennis when I heard this song. It took a while when I got home, but I found it on myspace, and similar sites, that was all I found. I wish I could help.

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