“Christmas is the day that holds all time together.”

Today is yesterday with a breeze and maybe sometimes a wind. The rain is supposed to hang around for a while. The dogs go out, but I’m content to stay warm and dry inside. I’ll watch Hallmark with its happy endings.

When I was a kid, I had a book of Christmas stories which included A Christmas Carol so I read it and read it again every few years. That it was a ghost story made it even better. I still love watching the different films. Alastair Sim is my favorite Scrooge followed by Patrick Stewart’s. Yesterday I watched Seymour Hicks in the 1935 film. I think that is my third one so far for this Christmas. I have also seen it twice on stage. At the second play, in Boston, I was waiting for Scrooge to put on his pants and be as merry as a schoolboy, but he never got the chance. We had to exit the theater because of a fire alarm. My mother, sister and I were outside in a matter of a couple of minutes because we were in the orchestra seats and right by an exit. People from the highest balcony seats were still exiting fifteen or twenty minutes later. It was a false alarm. I was thinking that was a good thing as were the orchestra seats.

I didn’t realize it as I was growing up but we were making Christmas traditions. I remember we went on a light ride every year. I even still call it a light ride and always go on one or two as does my sister. I wow out loud. Decorating the tree started with my father putting it in the stand then he’d untangle the lights strands, check bulbs and finally put the lights on the tree. Once he was done his part he’d sit, have a snack and watch TV while we, the rest of us, decorated. We started with the garlands and ended with the icicles, my mother’s job. Frosting cookies took an entire afternoon. Being creative couldn’t be rushed. I remember the vinyl tablecloth my mother used to protect the kitchen table from the inevitable mess.

We used to go to Boston but not every year. The Common was beautiful with the bare branches of the trees lining the sidewalks covered in lights. Frog Pond was open for skating. We never did but I always wished we would. My father would buy some popcorn so we could feed the squirrels. The greedy little beasties would form a circle around us and beg. I was young enough still to think how neat it was a wild creature would take food from my hand. I even think I giggled.

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3 Comments on ““Christmas is the day that holds all time together.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today the sun is out and the predicted high temperature might get all the way to 50°. So far this has been the third warmest December on record and forecasted to be the warmest. Take that climate change deniers. 🙂

    Mentioning climate change deniers, Trump will bere to spread his lies of voter fraud to the members of the fundamentalist “First Baptist Church of Dallas”. It was the largest church in the Southern Baptist Convention and is an ultra conservative bastion. He’s taking Hitler’s tactic that if you tell a lie often enough it becomes truth. Already nearly 40% of Republicans think Biden is an illegitimate President. 🙁

    Every Christmas tradition was started by someone somewhere. A Christmas Carol set many of our current traditions including serving Turkey on Christmas Day. Obviously, the poem ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas along with the Coka-Cola commercials and ads gave us our modern Santa Claus. Trump claims he invented saying, “Merry Christmas”. What a putz!

    • Bob Says:

      BTW, we revisited Waxahachie as we did last December and then Hillsboro. Hillsboro was a bust and Waxahachie was just as much fun as more businesses downtown were open for business. We topped off the day with Chinese food and driving around looking at lights.

      • katry Says:

        I love that you go out so often, far more than I do though this week is an exception with 4 days of uke stuff including a Christmas party. You do inspire me to eat Chinese. I think maybe after my next light ride.

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