“…hiding in my winter cocoon not coming out again until June”

This morning I slept late, at least later than I have been. I think it’s the darkness of the morning, the gray skies and the still, sort of creepy branches. It rained a bit earlier and showers are predicted for later. It will be sort of warm at 44˚.

I have no lists for today, neither inside nor outside. I have possibilities. The house still needs decorations. So far I have tried a Nala proof Christmas, but I underestimated her. That trick she used of bending over the staircase to grab the gnome is not one I would have anticipated. Now I shut bins behind doors, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she figured to how to use the knobs. She watches everything. I did finish wrapping and packing my sister’s box yesterday and only have a little bit of wrapping of my friends’ box left. I want both boxes out on Monday.

My mother always taunted us about our gifts. We said taunted. She said teased. When we were kids, she’d ask if Santa would think we were naughty or nice. What kid ever said naughty? When we were adults, she still teased and she’d give hints about our gifts, vague hints of little or no help. We all, my sisters and I, inherited Christmas from our mother, all of it, especially the teasing.

When I think about Christmas and being a kid, it’s colors and lights I most remember. Houses all over our block were decorated with the big colored bulbs, some more elaborately than others. My father was sort of in the middle. Most Main Streets were hung with swags circled in lights from one side of the street to the other. In the center was a decoration. I remember bells were hung one year.

I never tired of lights no matter how many times I saw them. My mother, my father and I, when I’d visit for the weekend, would sometimes take a light ride together. We all still ooh’d and aah’d. My mother packed a treat for our ride, eggnog in the thermos, crackers and dip in the bag.

When I’m driving to usual spots this time of year, I try to take different routes, some routes longer than necessary, but I don’t want to miss any Christmas. I don’t want to miss a house all lit or trees strung one to another with different colors. I have a couple of favorite houses I manage to see once a week. They are worth it.

I have four boxes stacked in my living room. Each is filled with gifts from friends and relatives. Usually those gifts are artfully displayed under my beautiful, uniquely decorated tree. Alas! This year they’ll sit in those boxes until Christmas morning. No poking at the presents this year. I know better than to open the boxes.

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6 Comments on ““…hiding in my winter cocoon not coming out again until June””

  1. Christer. Says:

    Nala is very much like old Viran that I had here. She studied what I did and then did the same thing, a bit scary how intelligent they can be 🙂 🙂 Alma hasn’t destroyed anything for three nights in a row now so my guess is that the next thing she does destroy will be something I really like and that is expensive 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Hi Christer,
      Good think Nala and Alma dontlipe in the same household. They’d be nothing left.

      I caught Nala with a pair of sox I hadn’t wrapped yet. She had just stolen them. She dropped them when I yelled.

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Like you I slept late this morning for the same reasons. It’s 51° and cloudy after a high temperature yesterday of 80°. The forecast for next Saturday is a balmy 70°. Of course one must remember that we are on the same latitude as the Sahara Desert. 🙂

    We have nothing planned for today and will probably go out tonight and find more Christmas lights to enjoy and get some dinner.

    Nala has figured out a game and you have become an unwilling participant. It’s like throwing the ball and she is retrieving it and returning it for another throw. This game could continue for the rest of her life or your life. Good luck curing this issue.

    Although Chanukah doesn’t share the same importance that Christmas does in Christianity, it lasts eight nights. We would get one present per night. We always received the big gift on the first night because my parents didn’t want to torture us that much and they couldn’t hide it any longer. 🙂 Subsequent nights brought smaller and less expensive gifts. We always hung our stockings up on Christmas Eve for Santa. He’s not a religious character but a creation of the poem and Coca Cola. We received candy in our stockings on Christmas morning. My parents didn’t want us to feel left out. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      This time of year in Ghana is the hottest especially where I lived. It was almost always over 100˚. Usually here, by now anyway, we’d have had many freezing days, but that hasn’t happened. It will behold the next few days but seasonably cold is what the weatherman is calling it.

      It is raining and has been for a while, but it it is still warmish, the low 40’s. The dogs are sleeping, and I took a nap. It has been just one of those days.

      My mother was the best stocking filler. I loved her stockings. There was candy and small toys or games. When we were young, nothing was wrapped in the stocking, but everything was when I was older. My biggest ever present was my bike. It was right in front of the tree and the other presents.

      • Bob Says:

        It’s difficult to wrap a bike and not give it’s self away.

      • katry Says:

        Nothing was wrapped. My parents were from the Santa doesn’t have time to wrap every kids presents school of thought.

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