“It was a full week until Christmas, but the den blazed with lights and smelled deliciously of pine needles.”

Today is perfect and hardly winter. It is 57˚ and not even nine o’clock. The sun is surrounded by a cloudless blue sky. The breeze is ever so slight. It’s almost a deck day.

Last night my world went dark, at least my Christmas world. A front outlet had gotten wet so one side of the fence lights and my cow and donkey didn’t work. I ran to the hardware store for a new extension cord so I could connect the unlit lights with the lit lights on the other side of the yard (Confused yet? Just wait. There’s more). When I plugged the new cord into the other cord, every light died: the lights out front, the floodlight, the giant star always lit and the deck lights. I knew it was more than the new extension cord. I yelled in frustration then called my friend Shane, the electrician. He came right over and got to work. It took a bit, but he solved the problem, and my yard was again bright with lights; however, there were casualties. The outlet outside the back door, the forty five year old outlet, stopped working and the timer connected to it also died so Shane had to move the plugs around the corner to a deck outlet. I have lights. I have a new timer. All is right with my world.

Tonight I’m constructing my gingerbread house. It is a big one so I bought all sorts of extra candies for decorations. The only difficult part is where to put the finished house out of reach of Nala. I’m leaning toward the mantle, but with my luck, she’ll push over a chair, stand on it and eat the house. I can see the walls come tumbling down.

When I was a kid, everything about Christmas was exciting, but the tree was my favorite. Every year it stood in the same corner. When I’d come downstairs in the mornings, I could smell the pine all over the house in every room. I’d stand in front of the tree and rub my hand up the small ends of the branches. The soft needles sprang back into place. My hand smelled like pine. At night the glass ornaments reflected the lights. They’d spin when we walked by the tree. It was a tiny light show. It was beautiful.

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11 Comments on ““It was a full week until Christmas, but the den blazed with lights and smelled deliciously of pine needles.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hello Kat,

    Yesterday we hit a high temperature of 79°. We might even hit 80° today. However, winter weather is on the way with a cold front arriving overnight. Tomorrow the high will only be in the low 50° range with north winds.

    I hate dealing with electrical issues. Other than what you accomplished I might throw and reset a circuit breaker. After that I call an electrician. Actually, I hate dealing with any type of home repairs. After all the only Jewish guy I know with a set of tools is a dentist. 🙂 My better half has more mechanical ability than I have. I have to stop and rehearse in my mind, “Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosy” before turning a screw or even opening a mayonnaise jar. 🙂

    I can’t wait until New Years because I hate these Christmas TV commercials. I especially hate the one from GMC, where a smiling couple are standing in the snowy woods. He whistles and a cute dog runs up to the woman from nowhere and jumps into her arms. She whistles, and a big black pickup truck appears and he runs over and hugs it. 🙁

    I don’t understand why so many folks around here drive big, four door, pickups, usually black ones. I don’t think that many folks in the area own ranches or are carpenters, plumbers, or electricians because they carry nothing in the beds. When they start them up in my neighborhood they are noisy because they all have big V8 engines that get eight miles to the gallon. Usually, their spouses drive big black versions of the same brand SUVs. Oh, I forgot, I live in Texas where everyone thinks they are J.R. Ewing or they visit their oil wells on the weekends. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      Tomorrow I’ll get rain while other parts of the state get snow, including my sister who is expecting an inch or two, hardly anything for this time of year.

      The first thing I tried before I called my friend was to throw the circuit breaker, but that didn’t work. It needed Shane, and even he took a while to find the problem. Tonight the front lights are lit but not the back lights on the deck. They worked last night. I’m just doomed to darkness.

      I think she got the worst of that Christmas even though the puppy is cute. His hugging the truck was too much. I too am tired of that commercial.

      Around here are tons of trucks but most belong to landscapers so there are tools and such in the back. Not so many big SUV’s but a lot of 4 wheel drive like jeeps for beach sand riding.

      • Bob Says:

        In Texas if you see a new huge pickup, the driver is going at least ten miles per hour over the speed limit. Old rusty work pickups are going ten miles per hour below the speed limit.

      • katry Says:

        I don’t often see them speeding as most are hauling trailers behind them. Nobody I know anyone who does his/her lawn anymore so there are trucks all over in the summer.

      • katry Says:

        It wasn’t magical so much as a friend who is an electrician. That is such a handy friend to have.

        This is the year of decorated houses. I haven’t seen this many in a long time. Some houses are completely covered in lights.

        Nala sniffs out food as does Henry. They drive me crazy. They act as if they never eat. The house isn’t quite finished. I’ll take pictures when it is!

  2. Christer. Says:

    We have also had a really nice day here with sunshine and very little wind 🙂 Colder than You though but still warm for being here.

    I’m out of places out of reach for Alma 🙂 She’s almost as high as I am when standing on her back legs now. She has behaved rather well two nights in a row though. She only destroyed a litre meassure and a couple of empty milk cartons that I’ve placed in strategic places so she would think she stole them 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Hi Christer,
      Sio far we have had a warn winter. Boston hit over 60˚ the other day. There is no question about global warming unless you’re a republican.

      The gnome Nala killed was on the big table in the back. I figured she reached over the stairs to get the gnome. I bought a new one which is on the bookcase with no access for Miss Nala. This is the first destructive dog I have ever had. She thinks the whole world is filled with playthings.

      Have a great weekend!

  3. Birgit Says:

    Good luck with your Gingerbread house! What about a little gingerbread doghouse at each side?
    No Christmas lights at home yet. Maybe next week.

    • katry Says:

      Thanks, Birgit.

      The dog houses would be cute but I don’t think I have enough gingerbread. I’ll have to remember for next year.

      My front lights lit but not my deck lights. I thin it may be the outlet. I’ll check it tomorrow.

  4. lilydark Says:

    Glad you got your lights fixed. It sounds magical. It’s been rainy and cold here. I haven’t seen very many Christmas decorations on my street, but I guess someone will take pictures of some of the ones in the city. The Gingerbread house sounds wonderful! I really hope Nala doesn’t even know about it. Just get it out of your mind and it won’t happen. I want to see pictures.
    Take Care,
    Lori and Ms. Cookie

  5. lilydark Says:

    Yes, please take pictures, and send me a piece!

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