“Christmas is a guest that always comes a month before arriving.”

The wind howled last night. I could hear branches brushing the side of the house. The dogs were out and back quickly. They ran close to the ground. Today is still. The sky is grey, but sun is predicted. It is in the mid-forties but feels cold. Two of my chores for today are domestic. The kitchen floor is lost under paw prints from the last two rainstorms, and I have to change my bed before the sheets walk away.

Yesterday I was in a wrapping frenzy. I concentrated on Colorado gifts. I got all the kids but one done, and today I’ll wrap his and Moe and Rod’s presents. I want them wending their way west by Tuesday.

My den is a mess covered with bags, gifts, wrapping paper and a couple of bins. Walking in and out has the potential for disaster. Nala checks the bags when she is heading for the couch.

This morning my yard was filled with snow, not really snow but rather pillow fluff, compliments of Nala, the destroyer of worlds. She must have been bored as she stole a small pillow from my bedroom. I found the cover which is filthy, but I think it will return to its pristine condition when I wash it. A bit ago I heard a box hit the steps. Nala dropped it in the midst of the steal. I have moved the cat gate across the top of the stairs. I hate having to do that as both dogs like to nap on my bed, but I don’t trust Nala.

When I was a kid, Christmas could never come soon enough especially after our house was decorated, and the tree was in its place in the corner of the room. We used to lie under it to be surrounded by the lights and the aroma of the pine. I remember one time the tree fell. My parents were out doing errands. My brother and I took turns holding the tree up by the trunk until they got home when my father took over. He attached wire on two sides of the trunk then wound the wire around the locks of two windows. They held.

My mother used to wrap a couple of presents for each of us and put them under the tree. We knew what the presents were, new pajamas and slippers to wear on Christmas Eve so we’d look good for the pictures Christmas morning. We were never excited at the thought of opening those presents.

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6 Comments on ““Christmas is a guest that always comes a month before arriving.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    What kid wouldn’t be delighted with new PJs and slippers on Christmas morning. 🙂 NOT! My mother in law always bought my kids the worst gifts when they were young. They feigned excitement when opening them and never looked at them again. One year she gave them each a Cheopet. What kid wouldn’t be excited with that gift. And she wondered in her old age why non of her grandchildren would visit her. A check would have evoked more excitement.

    Today the high should reach 65° with sunny skies. By Thursday they are predicting a high of 80° again.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      They were the only gifts we were allowed to open on Christmas Eve. We begged to open another, but never could. We knew what was in the packages.

      My grandmother couldn’t be bothered buying gifts. She gave my mother money to buy them. but she never gave my mother enough. My mother would add money so the gifts would be good ones.

      A plant, such a perfect gift for kids!! I’d have hated it too. My other grandmother (my mother’s mother) had tons of grandchildren, but she still bought each of us a great present. She always had gifts for us for each holiday.

      • Bob Says:

        Unfortunately, my mother passed away when I was 13. Therefore my kids only had one grandmother. She sucked as a grandmother. Luckily for my children, my mother in law passed away from Covid this January. 🙁

  2. lilydark Says:

    It’s getting cold and rainy today. I am a kind of Christmas Grinch. I didn’t like it as a child, cause before Christmas, I would be invited over to see the trees, with gifts, and share their excitement.But I was Jewish, so on Christmas day I was never invited to take part in the festivities. The post office gets letters every year, and many years ago, they were distributing some of them to people to help out the poorest children. I took part of that and it was so much fun. Speaking of Post Offices, I hope we still have them. Here is a clip from our Berkeley Ocupella. The woman with the blond hair is Malvina Renyolds’ daughter.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=425GpjTSlS4

    Take Care,
    Lori, Ms. Cookie and the gang.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Lori,
      We are going to get water, up to 60˚ tomorrow. We are averaging 10˚ above normal. You had Hanukkah and the gifts spread over nights. I’m sorry that your being a bit jealous leaked into being the Grinch. On Christmas Day it was just the family. I don’t remember ever having guests on that day.

      For a few years I had kids who would have no gifts to buy their presents. We had to take the tags off so the parents couldn’t return them and get money for drugs and such. It was sad but made me happy I did it.

      Your link led me to The Marvelettes – Please Mr. Postman , none of them are blond (HaHa).

      Have a wonderful day!!

      Love, the Menagerie

  3. lilydark Says:

    OOPS this should be the song–https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nZH75c2TT4

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