Happy Holiday Feeling: Rex Trailer at the Enchanted Village

If you grew up around here, you’d know Rex Trailer, his horse Goldrush and his sidekick Pablo appeared on their TV program Boomtown every Saturday. This video brings back so many memories. We’d walk through the Enchanted Village at Jordan Marsh in downtown Boston to get to Santa every year. I always thought the village was magical.

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2 Comments on “Happy Holiday Feeling: Rex Trailer at the Enchanted Village”

  1. Bob Says:

    Sadly, Jordan Marsh, Sanger Brothers, Joskies, Famous Bar, Marshall Fields and many other locally and family owned department stores have disappeared into the ubiquitous Macy’s brand name.

    • katry Says:

      Jordan Marsh was my first credit card. I loved that store. It had the best looking Santa and the tastiest blueberry muffins.

      Everything is so homogenized.

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