“Christmas tree baubles only become valuable when they are veterans, fetched down every year from the attic, a little more worse for wear each year, but worth their weight in memories. “

Last night it rained. I fell asleep to the sound of the drops on the roof. This morning everything is still damp, but the sun is breaking through every now and then, and I can see blue sky off to the west. Both are giving me hope for a nicer day. It is already 55˚. A strong wind is blowing and bending all the tree branches and the bushes in the back yard.

I have a to do list with four definite chores and one maybe. The maybe is the outside lights.

When I was a kid, decorations for Christmas were simple. We had the lights in the windows and strands outside on the bushes. Inside was the tree, but we also decorated the picture window. We used stencils and a spray which made everything white. I remember outlines of snowflakes, Santa and Christmas trees. We all took turns at the window. That everything was white was never a bother. The window was beautiful to us. A candelabra of five candles filled with orange bulbs shined below. Every Christmas bulb in the windows was orange back then.

The storm door had colored cardboard decorations taped to it. Santa was prominent. The Christmas tree was a close second.

In the living room, strings were strung across the walls. Above the couch was the longest. It was where the Christmas cards were displayed. Another string was across the arch leading to the kitchen. As more and more cards were delivered we strung more and more string. Most of the cards were sideways.

My mother had ceramic decorations. One set was four small Santa cups. The handles spelled noel. I found that exact set on-line and bought it. It goes on my dining room side table. Salt and pepper shakers were Mr. and Mrs. Claus. Mr. Claus, Santa, had curly hair which I always thought a bit strange.

We had plastic light-up figures, some inside and some outside. They were mostly Santas. I have a few of those lights, all different sizes. Many are Santas but a couple are tall candles. Everything still works.

My house at Christmas has all sorts of decorations in no particular style. There are the traditional, the same from when I was kid. There are also decorations from my travels. Others I bought over time. I have pianos that play, planes that light up and a Santa that flies around the tree. I love my house at Christmas.

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4 Comments on ““Christmas tree baubles only become valuable when they are veterans, fetched down every year from the attic, a little more worse for wear each year, but worth their weight in memories. “”

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    This morning started out partly cloudy after the front went through and we probably received no rain at all. Right now we are 55° which is the high for the day. By Friday we are forecasted to be back in the low 80s.

    Today is the last, eighth day, of Chanukah, and last night we lit all nine of the candles on the Chanukah menorah. All Jewish holidays begin at sunset on the previous day. This tradition goes back to the book of Genesis when God created the world. After each day’s creation he said, “It was evening and it was morning the first day”. Therefore, we begin all days and holidays at sunset the previous night. That’s all for today’s bible class. 🙂

    This year we didn’t decorate at all. In previous years we would hang a string of letters that spelled, “Happy Hanukkah”. We has paper folding dreidels that we hung up around the family room and we always had potato latkes. This year we didn’t even have Sufganiyoiyot, Hebrew for jelly donuts. So you don’t ask why, here’s a URL that explains it:


    Chanukah isn’t as festive nor as illuminating as Christmas traditions with extravagant lights and hoopla, but it’s over for another year. Next year I’m not going to miss out on eating jelly donuts:-)

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      We stay in the high 50’s today. It felt a bit colder with the dampness. By Wednesday it will be really cold and some areas will get snow. I hope the cape isn’t one of those areas.

      I knew about the Jewish holidays beginning the night of the previous day, but I had no idea why. Now I know, and it makes perfect sense. Today was a good bible class!

      That article about the jelly donuts was really interesting. I knew they were a Chanukah food but didn’t know why. I’d never miss out on those donuts. They look amazing. I also like potato latkes.

      My Christmas decorations will be muted this year because of Nala, the destroyer of worlds. If I get a tree, it will only be decorated with lights. The decorations and the garlands would be too great a temptation for her. I will put out table table decorations.

      Now you have me wanting a jelly donut.

      • Bob Says:

        My father prided himself on his homemade latkes. I’m not really a latke fan but to appease him I ate them with lots of applesauce. He liked them with sour cream. I don’t like sour cream at all. I will eat jelly donuts at the drop of a hat. This year no one in our family thought about getting them. 🙁 I will certainly get some to eat between Christmas and New Years. Maybe, a New Year’s Eve jelly donut. Nah, it doesn’t sound too good along with black eyed peas. 🙂

      • katry Says:

        I like mine with sour cream too. I never thought of applesauce.

        It has been a while since I’ve had a donut. I like the butternut.

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