“If you’re not in the parade, you watch the parade. That’s life.”

The morning is chilly, 43˚, but it is a pretty morning. The sun is bright in a deep blue sky peppered with a few white clouds. The dogs stay out long enough for me to worry. Most of the leaves still on the trees are brown, and a bit of a breeze sends them fluttering to the ground. Soon enough the trees will be bare. Winter is impatiently waiting in the wings.

By 8:30 my morning had already been busy. Gwen got her insulin. The vet called with the results of Gwen’s last test. Her glucose is still high. We are upping her dosage. I asked if I am doing something wrong. The vet reassured me I wasn’t. I called the Cape Cod Times as I had received no paper. The on-line page said I had no account. I called and got a woman who spoke her patter so quickly I needed it repeated. She said I had two accounts. I responded by saying neither account got a paper. She assured me I’d get one shortly. That doesn’t happen, and when I told her that she said she was sorry. I wish there were no scripted responses. They sound ingenuous. I don’t expect my paper. My kitchen floor had paw prints but not muddy prints though they were the color of mud. I doubt you need your imagination to figure out the composition of those paw prints. I cleaned the floor.

I’m watching the Thanksgiving parade in Plymouth. It reminded me of my first Memorial Day Parade when I was seven. I marched in my brownie uniform with my troop. When I got home, I told my mother everyone was out of step but me.

In this parade, there are several alumni drum and bugle corps. They are military-like in their marching, and they play the music I remember from my drill team days. Three of my cousins march. I am aching with nostalgia.

Nala is at it again. She destroyed an old papier-mâché puppet I have had for years. I also caught her trying to make off with a Donald Duck puppet. She made it to the yard where she played keep-a-way. I followed and found one of her toys and a fairly large book with the covers torn. I convinced her to drop Donald for her own toy. I foolishly thought the puppets were safe. The bedroom is now off-limits until I figure how to make everything Nala safe.

Today I have a few errands. I’m happy to get out of the house.

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5 Comments on ““If you’re not in the parade, you watch the parade. That’s life.””

  1. Hedley Says:

    I’m in preparation mode, so much to do and not that much time. I zoomed to Home Depot at 6 am for some essential pick ups and chatted with the two ladies at the check out about 17 year olds with machine guns. I don’t care what the jury in Wisconsin said or the President for that matter, it’s pure craziness. I getting old very quickly and cannot come to grips with this stuff.

    Our Thanksgiving Day Parade approaches in Detroit. I’m sure it’s not a biggie around the country. We would take the kids when they were little and always pick the same spot finding familiar faces and Detroit’s finest, year in and year out.

    Thanksgiving brings the Odious Bears to Ford field. If there is one team…well we do have a tie at least on the season thanks to the brilliant miss by Ryan Santoso in Pittsburgh. A classic flub of a field goal even in Lions history (Eddie Murray wide right). Sadly they cut Santoso after one game.

    • Bob Says:

      The only words that come to mind when I heard the jury’s not guilty verdict was, “White privilege”. This miscarriage of justice will give other racists free license to go hunting in the streets with their assault weapons for anyone who protests for civil rights. On turkey day, it’s also the Cowboys and the KC Chiefs.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I also can’t come to grips with this. The verdict was a travesty. The judge is to blame though the prosecutor helped. It seems like permission to shoot. Just claim you were fearful for your life.

      The parade in Plymouth was excellent. The TV coverage was well done. I did see one of my cousins marching but didn’t catch the other two. There were so many musical corps, floats and people dressed as Pilgrims from Plimouth Plantation. Santa cAme last.

      The Pats play the Titans in Foxborough on Thanksgiving. My team has been doing well, won 5 games on the road. The defense has been spectacular. TB lost his last game. He wasn’t happy.

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today was beautiful with clear skies and a high in the mid 70s. Already some people have their Christmas decorations out. I guess they can’t wait until Thursday. 🙂

    Today we visited the cemetery because Tuesday will be the 28th anniversary of my father-in-law’s passing. It’s traditional in the Jewish faith to visit the grave on the anniversary of the death and place a stone on the headstone. I don’t know where this tradition came from, but it’s a tradition. That’s from the first scene of the musical “Fiddler on the Roof” and it’s true about a lot of Jewish traditions. 🙂

    Of course we followed up the visit with that other non religious Jewish tradition, we ate Chinese food.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I have also seen decorations and lots of house with lights. It will be a banner year for taking a ride to see the lights.

      I did some shopping and picked up some stocking stuffers for my grands. Agway, of all places, had some great stuff.

      I have seen the stones on the headstones in the cemetery where my parents are buried. We all used to get together for a mass and lunch on the anniversary of my parents’ deaths. The last year put a stop to that.

      I haven’t had Chinese in a while. Yum!!

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