“The tradition of the Sunday feast accomplishes more than just feeding us. It nurtures us.”

The morning is cold. I wanted to stay bundled under the covers, but it was time for Gwen’s shot, and the dogs wanted out. The heat was on the night setting so I turned it up to warm the house. It feels cozy now.

Henry came in the dog door four times yesterday. He banged the door for me to let him inside three times. This morning it’s one and one. I think I’m being used.

When I was a kid, I liked Sunday the least. My bike stayed in the cellar. I had to go to church. Wandering was limited to the fields below my house and the backyard because I needed to be around for dinner, but I didn’t mind too much as Sunday dinner was the nicest meal of the week, and the only meal we called dinner, a fancy name for a fancy meal. The crowning glory of Sunday dinner was the roast. If it was chicken, my mother stuffed it with her sage dressing. If it was roast beef, my mother put cut onions on the top for flavor. I used to try to steal the onions. We always had mashed potatoes and gravy and a couple of vegetables including peas, my favorite. The whole family was always together for dinner.

When I was in Ghana, Sunday dinner was unusual. It was the only day of the week we ate food sent from home. I remember beef stroganoff kits and macaroni and cheese. Other times we’d ride our motos into town and buy dinner from the aunties along the road or from chop bars in the lorry park. From the aunties, we’d buy fried yams and kelewele or fried plantain and whatever meat we’d find. In the lorry park, we’d buy fufu and soup or stew. I remember light soup and okra stew, my two favorites. We’d bring our own pots, fill them with dinner then bungee them to the backs of our motos. We were careful riding home.

Sunday at school was also special. A service was held in the morning. The girls wore their church dresses, three pieces of traditional cloth: a top, a dress skirt and a cloth around the skirt. Each class had its own cloth design. In the afternoons, the girls wore their own fancy dresses. The upper classes could walk to town. Photographers often came in the afternoon so the girls could have their pictures taken. I have a few of those pictures given to mw by the students. They were always in black and white.

Today I am going to the dump. My car is nearly filled with bags and boxes. I might even stop to buy dinner. It is Sunday after all.

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10 Comments on ““The tradition of the Sunday feast accomplishes more than just feeding us. It nurtures us.””

  1. Hedley Says:

    It’s dark in MI, snow flurries are in the air and my Lions are hanging around with the odious Pittsburgh Steelers. The idiot commentator keeps referring to Swift as Smith. I guess it is Fox and I should not expect too much.
    The last of the leaves are hitting the green of the lawn creating the annual carpet that needs to be vacuumed hopefully before Thanksgiving.
    The holidays approach and I am anxiously trying to complete the shopping for Mrs MDH. I don’t have much time this year and there is little room for error.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      Right now it is 46˚ and rain is predicted. We haven’t had a freeze yet so no snow flurries.

      The Pats destroyed the Browns, 45-7. The game got boring. I like the rookie quarterback, Jones. I think he’ll be terrific. The Pats have won 4 in a row. Take that TB.

      I hope you finish your shopping, actually I expect you will. Mrs. MDH will love everything you buy.

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today started out in the upper 50s with clear skies and light breezes. The high temperature was in the upper 60s. Last Sunday the Cowboys snoozed while they were beaten by the Denver Broncos. Today they woke back up and beat Atlanta by 43 to 3.

    We checked out the northern suburbs of Ft. Worth and had a late lunch of barbecue. I had spare ribs, my daughter sliced brisket and my spouse had a taco salad topped with chopped brisket. It was all excellent. Besides the Saturnalia holidays of Chanukah and Christmas, I have to figure out a gift for my spouse’s birthday. It’s always a challenge when you have a house full of stuff. Of course, the entire idea of the winter festivities is buying more stuff to keep the economy going. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      The Cowboys’ score looks a bit lopsided like the Pats score against the Browns, 45-7. One-sided scoring makes for a fairly boring game though I did watch it until the end.

      I find that for the person who has everything, a gift card to something special is a great gift. I don’t mean to a store or anything, maybe a play or another event.

      I love brisket. I’m jealous.

      • Bob Says:

        One of these years I’m going to travel to Lockhart Texas and do a barbecue crawl. Lockhart has several places that each one is considered first class barbecue. Places such as Kreuz Market, Black’s, Smitty’s Market, and Chisholm Trail BBQ. And, of course Aaron Franklin’s joint in Austin where you line up for lunch by five AM. By One they are sold out. Mmmm.

      • katry Says:

        I wonder if any of these are with Goldbelly. If so, I can order the barbecue. You have me salivating!

  3. Birgit Says:

    It was a great Sunday today, we went to see Henry Purcell’s Fairy-Queen. I looked forward to see this concert for a while so I went with my mask on despite this corona mess here. Great singers, great music, it was fun and worth the risk.
    I still have to laugh when I read that you are going to the dump on a Sunday, impossible here and nearly unthinkable.
    Have a great dump day! Does Nala like to drive in a car so she can join you?

    • katry Says:

      Hi Birgit
      There are plays abounding here, but I haven’t gotten tickets to any of them. I’m fine with hanging around, decorating and reading. I do know my summer theater will open this summer after being closed two summers.

      The dump is closed Monday and Tuesday so it is quite busy on Sunday. In the summer it is open every day. I had quite a carload so no Nala today as the back seat was covered in cardboard boxes and bags of catalogs and newspapers, but she does like to ride int he car, unlike Henry who still hates it though he doesn’t pee or poop in the car anymore.

      The empty car and trunk gave me a sense of accomplishment.

    • katry Says:

      Oh Lordy, every picture had me salivating. I’m thinking I’ll order brisket and ribs for Christmas. Thanks so much!!

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