“Our success depends on keeping our ability to keep our identity a secret.”

Yesterday came the deluge. Today is bright sun and a blue sky. Last night was cold. Today could reach 60˚. The weather is confusing.

A few trees in my backyard still have yellow leaves. The rest of the leaves are brown and shriveled. The sun is diffused through bare branches. The air is still, quite a contrast from the winds of last night. The dogs are outside enjoying the day. Nala perches on the top step, her paws one step below, and watches the yard.

Nothing is on my dance card today. The dump, as always, is on my list, but I’m saving it for tomorrow. I have no need to do the laundry, plenty of clothes left. I vacuumed the hall yesterday. The tumbling tumbleweeds had risen in the air when I walked. They’re back today. The kitchen floor is all dog paw prints as everything is still wet in the yard. Gwen had her morning insulin. The dogs had treats, and I had a chocolate biscotti with my coffee. All’s right with the world.

This morning I have been watching old serials and movies on TCM. I am ten again and eating my Rice Krispies while sitting on the floor watching TV. The first serial was called Travel Talks, The Voice of the Globe. We went to Guatemala. I learned the Guatemalans are inherently Pagan. They cover their babies’ heads to protect them from white men. A ring is the first step toward marriage. The second step is when the hopeful groom drops a pile of wood in front of the home of his intended. If her father takes the wood, the marriage proposal is accepted. Next, I watched Batman and Robin from the late 40’s. Batman’s hood went over his nose so he had to look up to see through the eyeholes. A convertible, top up, was the batmobile of the day. Records of criminals and past cases were kept in a metal file cabinet. Today’s chapter ended with Batman and the woman he rescued from the bad guys in the water off the dock surrounded by flames. Right now I’m watching Torchy Blane in Panama from 1938. She is a reporter who parachuted out of a plane to catch up with a ship. She had on a small backpack. So far she has worn an evening dress, a couple of day dresses with matching hats, gloves and purses, a sort of pants suit and pajamas.

I am immersed in the book State of Terror by Hillary Rodham Clinton and Louise Penny. Last night I read in bed until 1:30 then reluctantly turned off the light. I figure on spending a good part of the today reading. I wish I had bon bons.

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4 Comments on ““Our success depends on keeping our ability to keep our identity a secret.””

  1. Christer. Says:

    Dark and gloomy in the morning but it did brighten up in the afternoon even though I only could see the sun through the clouds it still was rather nice.

    I’ve gotten my new glasses today and I’ve watched a lot of Doctor Who on the net 🙂 Not a too bad day at all 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Hi Christer,
      We had a tornado warning then a thunder and lightning rain storm. The rain stopped for a while then started again. We went from a nice day to a really ugly day.

      Dr. Who makes any day a good day!

      Have a great Sunday!

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    This morning was the coldest yet with a low of 37°. The sky was mostly sunny and we warmed up to 64°. My daughter and I visited all the old places where we lived. Amazingly, the areas struck by the Tornado two years ago are being rebuilt. My old junior high school building was demolished and they are building a new pre-K through 8 school on the site. My old elementary school is supposed to become something much smaller and will not be an elementary school. The High School is also being rebuilt. Only the area next to our condominium which was hit and been demolished is still in some sort of litigation rather than under construction. If you live in a condominium complex, make sure the association has purchased enough insurance to rebuild.

    I have been watching a lot of stuff on You Tube. Amazing short documentary films and lots of Jay Leno’s Garage. He has a fantastic collection of cars. Just type in a subject and lots of videos will pop up.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      Wow, that is really cold. I don’t even think we have been that cold yet, close though. The rain and thunder and lightning came in the early evening.

      That’s a good thing, the rebuilding. I’m sure you are quite excited having moved out of your condominium. I haven’t ever been interested in living in one. I always think of it as just an apartment you own. I like my neighbors a bit away.

      I do the same thing. I love to watch YouTube videos. I did see one of the Jay Leno videos and was amazed by his car collection. It’s nice to have money.

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