“Give me a lamp so I can find the day.”

The morning is pretty. The sun is bright. The sky is a muted blue. Even the smallest branch sits still. The leaves have no flutter. It is 41˚, chilly but not cold. The day will get warmer, as high as 54˚. I have a few chores. My little library needs tending. The dreaded laundry is piled high and it too needs tending. My plants are gasping and need water. I might even make my bed, but that might be over the line.

The dogs are enjoying the morning. They were chasing each other in the yard, but Nala got distracted. She found the last Chinese lantern on the deck. It had been on a tree limb overhanging the deck. She is now tearing the lantern apart. Yesterday I cleared the remnants of the purple lantern. This one is aqua.

This morning I had a small animal hunt. Gwen had gone to ground. I checked under both beds but couldn’t see her. She is, after all, black, a perfect color to hide under the beds. I moved the lamp to the floor and found her way back under one bed. I got her shot ready, but she was gone from that spot. I brought the lamp to the floor again and found her only because her eyes lit up in the light. This time I was ready. I had the needle all set, and she got her morning dose and a few treats. When I got up, I knocked over the water dish. It was not at all fun for either of us.

I have three lamps I love. All are from a local potter. One is tall and decorative. It is in the living room on the first piece of furniture I ever bought for this house, an old kitchen table with a leaf and two drawers. The other two have African accents. Both are here in the den. The lamp on the table has an African face, exaggerated a bit, on both sides. I had commissioned it. The potter made a couple of different lamps. I took both of them. The other is black and adobe colored. It looks like a decorative African compound like the ones in villages near where I lived, like the compounds in Sirigu.

My rooms in Ghana each had one hanging lamp. They reminded me of a bedroom in a cheap hotel. I made a basket lamp shade for the living room light. It fancied the bulb. I left the rest naked.

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6 Comments on ““Give me a lamp so I can find the day.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    I hope you enjoyed your extra hour of sleep. I would much rather we stay on daylight savings time all year long. I enjoy have no an extra hour of daylight in the late afternoon. If memory serves, we did that one year in 1974 during the OPEC Arab oil embargo. In December that year I drove to work in darkness. I think they killed it because school kids walked or waited for busses in darkness. Of course in Fairbanks they go to school in darkness at least two months a year. We coddle our kids. :-).

    Today is another beautiful autumn day with a predicted high temperature of 74°. I’m trying to figure out where to take my daughter this afternoon for a ride.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I woke up early for today but my usual time for yesterday. I guess that means I really didn’t get an extra hour. I was reading on my iPad when I noticed it was 1:59. I waited and watched. All of a sudden it was 1 am again.

      Around here there are few sidewalks. Little kids would have to walk to school in the dark on the sides of the streets. Having busses is a necessity especially given the size of the districts. My nephews were almost 10 miles away from their high school, as far away as any kids were. Kids are eligible for busses if they are 2 miles away or more.

      Today turned into a lovely autumn day.

      Did you find a spot for a ride?

      • Bob Says:

        We did, we explored the downtown area of Ft. Worth. I still haven’t figured out all the areas of Cowtown. 🙂 One thing I did notice is that they either planted or left trees growing along both Main Street and Houston Street in the business district. Also, a lot of the older building fronts have been either restored or renovated to look old. Dallas is the 7th largest city and Ft. Worth is the 12th in the country. The entire metropolitan area has about 7.5 million people. There are still lots of places to explore. 🙂

      • katry Says:

        The population of Massachusetts is not even 7 million, closer to 6. The state, though, has so much to explore. I do like rides down cape especially this time of year. All the small shops are great places for Christmas presents, and there is a variety of restaurants.

        I like the sound of that Main Street. Old buildings are my favorites.

        I’m glad you found a ride!!

  2. Hedley Says:

    Happy Birthday Joni Mitchell Goodbye Leonard Cohen Day. It seems so very strange that both sit on November 7. Both gave us so much music. Joni’s Archives 2 has been released which goes through the BBC concert with James Taylor.
    I am waiting anxiously for Archives 3 which hopefully will heavily feature Court and Spark, For the Roses and on to Hissing. It’s going to be a while
    Season close down is still on us. The weather is a gorgeous 60 in Michigan and I am waiting for my leaf guy and sign my snow removal contract. No snow blower this year for me

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I have Joni’s Archives 1, but I haven’t ordered two. With Christmas on the horizon, I can’t treat myself. Maybe in the new year.

      My yard is cleared and the gardens have been cleaned. The tall stalks have been cut down. Everything looks good, drab but good. It stayed around 54˚ all day but is already colder I hate it is dark so early.

      Good thing no snow blower!

      Take care. I’m thinking about you!!

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