“I want to be a vampire. They’re the coolest monsters.”

Rains and wind are predicted for today. It rained earlier and stopped but scattered showers are predicted for the afternoon. The high will be 62˚. The sky is a dark grey. There is an occasional blast of wind which moves even the top most branches.

My neighbor from the next street behind my house came to tell me Nala had been running in his yard. By then she was back in the house. I went to the backyard to check. Two sections of the fence are leaning and not connected. A huge branch from a pine tree hit the fence exactly between those two sections. The hole between them is big enough for Nala. I did what I could, but the fence sections are far too heavy for me to lift back into place so I propped a branch hoping for the best. Another section further down is not connected but is still upright. I tried to block the hole. I’m thinking I need to take Nala into the yard on a leash. I called my friend and landscaper. He can’t come today. My factotum, Skip, does not answer his phone. I’m stuck with a downed fence.

Yesterday the world was out and about. Everywhere was busy. I went to the dump though it wasn’t on the list. I figured what the heck. After that I got my first shingles shot. My arm hurts if I lift it. I was warned that on the second day it would hurt. She called it a thick vaccine.

When I was a kid, I had all the childhood ailments. I remember chicken pox the most because it itched. My mother put mittens on my hands so I wouldn’t scratch and get scars. Our neighbor, an adult, got it and scratched. I remember the scars on her face. When I got the measles, my bedroom was kept dark so I wouldn’t go blind. I had to lie there and do nothing. I couldn’t even read. When I had the mumps, my face felt lumpy and strange. I kept looking in the mirror.

My viewing pleasure for today and tomorrow will be classic monster movies. I am not a fan of slash and bleed. I find Dracula scary enough when they highlight his eyes. One of my favorite black and white movies is Them, about the giant ants. What is strange is when the name Them first appears on the screen, it is red and squiggly. There is no color in the rest of the movie.

I remember when the The Exorcist was released. A bunch of us went to Boston to see it. The line snaked around the corner. It was worth the wait.

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  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today was a gorgeous day with almost no wind, clear blue skies, and a high temperature of 77°.

    We drove to Ponder texas and pondered where we were for a spell. The only thing in Ponder, other than the developers building tract homes, is the Ponder Steakhouse. It’s a small restaurant in the very small deserted downtown. They were famous for their Chicken Fried Steak but they are still closed from the pandemic. Small agricultural towns like Ponder are being swallowed up by the DFW area as suburbs.

    From Ponder we drove to Denton where I attended college. I tried to find the location of the airport where I first took flying lessons. Unfortunately, it’s long since gone to development. It was a WWII glider pilot training field with a 2,500 ft. sod runway. A gas pit and three hangers. The first airplane I flew was a 1945 Piper J3 Cub. The J3 had two seats in tandem, a 65 hp. Continental engine with a wooden propellor and only six instruments. It had no electrical system, no radios, and it had to be hand propped to start the engine. It was the simplest airplane you can imagine. It was real flying by the seat of your pants but it taught you the basics. The one’s I flew were painted yellow and were bought by the flight school as war surplus airplanes.


    We came back home via our favorite Chinese restaurant. I required my fill of Chinese Barbecue pork.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      It rained most of yesterday including a heavyish rain last night. I went out with the dogs to keep an eye on Nala given her escape and I got wet. My kitchen floor is a mud field. I’ll wait until my yard dries a bit.

      You take me to places I haven’t ever heard of. Ponder is one of them. I had chicken fried steak for the first time in Colorado so I understand the attraction. Too bad the town is doing so poorly.

      That is sad that a huge part of your memories is gone. Where we began has so much emotion attached. The wood propeller gave me a start. I didn’t realize. It seems an exciting way to learn your craft. Your memory is wonderful!!

      I almost had Chinese last night. I may have it delivered today

      Great link!

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