“The Peace Corps is guilty of enthusiasm and a crusading spirit. But we’re not apologetic about it.”

Today is warm, 72˚. Clouds are around but not enough to block the sun. The breeze is slight. I’m hanging around the house and doing a few chores. Despite the lovely weather, I’m putting in the front storm door. I have to move it from the cellar one step at a time as it is so heavy. Both dogs love to stand and watch so I like to keep it opened. Nala stands on her back toes for the best view. Every time I go to the front yard they keep track.

My things to be done list has ten items. I figure I can cross off four of the items today. The laundry and the dump are both on the list. They are perpetually on the list.

Nala is wearing her Red Sox neckerchief. My team lost last night, and I’m hoping Nala brings them some luck. Henry won’t allow me to put one on him, but I have several for the different holidays so I’ll keep trying. They were Gracie’s. She didn’t mind. Last year I bought a costume for Henry. It is a gray spawn of Satan costume, but I never got close to putting it on him. I’m hoping Nala will wear it if only for pictures.

Today is a Ghana day. I’m taking you back to Koforidua, towards the end of training: weeks seven, eight and nine. The first week there we were all together. We had hours of language each day. The last two weeks we were divided into secondary school teachers and training college teachers. We student taught during those two weeks. I remember going to the spot, a bar, on the corner of the road to the secondary school. We walked through the rain forest from our school. We had a daily stipend so we took turns buying beer which I hate, but I drank it anyway. We played a few drinking games. I remember singing on the way home. On the weekends we were free. A few of us hitched to Accra. A Mercedes picked us up. The owner was Arabic, and he owned mosquito coil companies. He gave us a few.

In Accra we stayed at the hostel for 50 pesewas a night, about 50 cents in those days. I remember wandering the city and getting to know it. Accra was small back then, and most nights were quiet. I love walking at night. I always felt safe. I had favorite restaurants, mostly hole in the wall Lebanese restaurants, cheap and delicious. I went to the movies. One theater was close to the hostel while the other was across the bridge and further away.

Our last week of training was at Legon University. We had real coffee in real cups. That doesn’t sound like much but trust me, it was big. We were close to Accra, just a mammy lorry ride away. We went often. We had our language tests, and that was about it for the week. At the end of that last week we were sworn in as Peace Corps volunteers. I was thrilled beyond description.

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4 Comments on ““The Peace Corps is guilty of enthusiasm and a crusading spirit. But we’re not apologetic about it.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Sorry about the Red Sox losing to Houston. Hopefully, they can tie up the series today or tonight. Tomorrow the red hot Dallas Cowboys go to Fox Borough to play the Pats. The Pokes are 4 and 1 and we’ll see how smart Bill Belichick is without Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. I guess Robert Kraft couldn’t pay them the big bucks because of his legal bills. He got caught getting a massage with a happy ending from a very young Asian woman in Florida. 🙂

    Today was super sunny with a high of 74°. We ventured out to East Texas to the town of Grand Saline. We visited the Salt museum. Grand Saline is sitting on top of the largest pure salt deposit in the United States. Morton has a large plant outside of town where they mine and make all types of salt. It was very interesting.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      Kraft’s case was dropped. He never faced any punishment because something was wrong with the way the case was handled.

      The Sox have hit two grand slams, the first time in MLB history in a playoff game.

      The Pat’s rookie quarterback has a future. He gets better every game. He isn’t afraid to move out of the pocket. He just looks so young.

      In Columbia, I visited a salt cave which had buildings inside including a church. The salt comes out black which surprised me. When I asked about it, the guard arranged for my traveling partner and me to go to the plant where the salt is refined It was amazing.

      • Bob Says:

        The salt in the pictures of the mine in the museum under Grand Saline is white. The docent said that the salt in the dome under the town is pure salt and it’s white.

        We have a salt grinder full of Himalayan pink salt. She said pink salt has iron in the salt.

        I just turned on the game in the bottom of the 7th. Go Red Sox.

      • katry Says:

        I brought back a chunk of salt from the mine. It is mostly black, not white. Maybe it is the type of salt mine.

        I also have Himalayan pink salt as wee as sea salt and Fleur De Sel. I like the different tastes of the salts.

        Sox at home tomorrow!

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