“Every lizard lies on its belly, so we cannot tell which has a belly-ache.”

The morning is cloudy and still a bit night chilly. Yesterday was a delight. Today is predicted to be sunny and even warmer than yesterday. Earlier, the sun poked out for a bit, and I saw sky blue between the trees. I’m hoping they’ll be back as I need to go out and do a few errands. I’m going to Agway for mums and canned food for Jack. Gwen’s special food came yesterday. It was gone this morning. I hope Jack didn’t eat it. His dish of food is up high where it is safe from Gwen who can’t jump.

I can’t find my English muffins. I thought they were safe from the felonious Nala. I’ll have to check the yard for the tell tale wrapping. She is brazen. Nothing is safe.

The two dogs are eating each other on the couch. Nala has Henry’s neck, and Henry has Nala’s lower jaw. They keep bumping into me. I shoo them off, and they come back.

When I was a kid, I never thought of my life as humdrum. It had a pattern. Every weekday was school, but I never groused. That would have been useless. Years and years of school were still ahead of me. After school, the afternoons were mine. I rode my bike or took a hike into the woods below my house. We buried our turtle there under a special tree. The turtle had come from Woolworth’s and lasted years in his bowl on the counter, a plastic oval bowl with an island and a palm tree. That turtle loved flies with a little life and moving in the water. Much later, the woods were bulldozed to make room for senior apartments. My grandmother lived in one. My father always called it wrinkle city. The turtle had been buried in a small metal tin. Wherever they dumped the dirt, they must have dumped the tin.

A lizard used to live in my house in Ghana. The ceilings were really high, and in the living room there were two small square windows at the top of the front wall. The lizard lived in one of them. I didn’t care. The lizard was welcome, but my cat had a different idea. Whenever the lizard was close enough, my cat tried to catch it, but the lizard saved itself by scurrying up the wall. I think I had a soft spot for the lizard because when I first got to Ghana, I saw the lizards and was amazed. Seeing those green lizards was my first African moment. One day I saw the lizard under a chair. I grabbed it thinking I was a mighty hunter. I was going to put the lizard outside to save its life, but I was too late. When I lifted the lizard, it was missing its upper body including its head. I tossed it outside. I passed the title of mighty hunter to my cat.

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6 Comments on ““Every lizard lies on its belly, so we cannot tell which has a belly-ache.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today started out cloudy because last night we had a line of heavy rain showers come through. They’ve moved off to the east and the sun should appear later. Today the temperature might get to the low 80s. Tomorrow and for the weekend the sky should be clear with high temperatures in the mid 70s.

    Both as a kid and as an adult my life has always had a fairly set routine. I enjoy routines because I know what everyday will bring. Regardless if it was school or work I enjoy knowing what to expect. Pilots love consistency because surprises in flight can kill you. There was a famous navy doctor and human factors expert named Dr. Frank Dully. He said that pilots are not sponsious people. Once while addressing a group of naval aviator wives he made that statement. One wife came over to him after his presentation and said, “I disagree with you, my husband is very spontaneous”. He asked her how long they were married and she replied one year. He then said, “Madam you have seen reel one, there is no reel two”. 🙂

    We have lots of small geckos in the yard and we leave them alone. I think that they eat cockroaches. That’s a good thing because we haven’t seen any of cockroaches since moving.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      The sun came out, and the day was lovely and warm. I did my errands and that’s about it for the day. Tomorrow is supposed to be a copy of today.

      When I was working, I had a routine. My day started at 5:15; I arrived at work by 6:30, and I didn’t get home until after 4. The weekends were for shopping, cleaning and doing laundry. Now, I can do whatever I want with every day or I can do nothing. I’m enjoying the freedom of living without a schedule. For pilots, it makes perfect sense.

      Geckos eat just about anything which they can overpower including crickets, spiders, small scorpions and grasshoppers, and I figure cockroaches, so keeping them alive is a good thing.

  2. Christer. Says:

    Hi Kat!

    Yesterday morning was quite chilly and ice covered my car, today was warm and there wasn’t even dew on the car, very unusual. I need a new digital thermometer since Alme chew off the wire to the sensor 🙂 🙂 She has gone through the garbage but didn’t take anything, that’s unusual too 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Hi Christer,
      I would hate ice this early in the fall. My sister in Colorado usually gets her first snow storm this month, but our first frost isn’t until late November or even later.

      I heard a can rolling down the driveway earlier. Nala must have been trash picking. Yesterday she stole potatoes, and I found them and the bagel bag in the backyard.

      Nothing in my house is safe!!

      Have a wonderful Friday!

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