“Baseball is the only field of endeavor where a man can succeed three times out of ten and be considered a good performer.”

Today is the perfect fall day, sunny and warm. The high today will be 68˚. Gwen and I are heading to the vets for a 10:30 appointment where I’ll learn how to give her the insulin injections. After that, the rest of the day is open. I may scour the yard’s back forty hoping to find missing items.

We’re back from the vets. It was easier than I expected to give Gwen her needle because it is so tiny. The vet had me practice using water. Gwen didn’t notice. I have to go to CVS to get her insulin and needles. I already ordered her special prescription food and treats at Chewy. Gwen goes back next week for a day of testing. Nala goes back for a booster. I’m thinking to add to it all by getting my flu shot.

Last night the Red Sox game was riveting, all thirteen innings. I jumped up, screamed and applauded the walk off two run homer. It scared Henry.

When I was a kid, you could get a day of game Red Sox ticket for anywhere in the park. I remember sitting in a box seat by the Sox dugout for a couple of games. I also remember the bleachers, the cheapest places to sit. We used to take the bus then the subway to Fenway. Sometimes we had money for a hot dog. Mostly we just bought peanuts. The bleachers were the most fun. They were filed with raucous fans, many of them my age, a kid’s age. Giant number one fingers seemed to be the most popular souvenirs. They were also good for hitting people on their heads without causing any damage.

My father was a football and hockey fan. He watched the Sox but always seemed to get bored. He hated basketball, the Celtics, and most times I listened to the games on my transistor radio. When the Celts played on the west coast, I had to have the sound way low so I wouldn’t get caught listening to the game when I should have been sleeping. I loved listening to Johnny Most, the radio announcer. When I could watch, I used to turn off the TV volume and put on the radio and Johnny. He made us excited about every play, every game.

Last year I bought a Halloween costume for Henry. I have no idea what I was thinking, but I couldn’t help myself. The costume is a spawn of Satan. I’m hoping Nala will be a bit more receptive. I’ll try it on her closer to Halloween. I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise.

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4 Comments on ““Baseball is the only field of endeavor where a man can succeed three times out of ten and be considered a good performer.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    After the fast moving line of thunderstorms came through last night, they probably dumped a half an inch of rain. Today is sunny and cooler with the high today only going to top out at 81°. Autumn has finally arrived.

    Next season I will have spent fifty years as a Texas Ranger fan who will put up with another year of the team rebuilding again. I used to think that they stank due to playing outdoors in the Texas heat. This year they figured out how to lose over 100 games in 72° comfort. 🙂
    When I was a kid I was a fan of the Brooklyn Dodgers until they went west to California and then the New York Mets. That was the Mets before the miracle Mets of 1969. I come from a long line of supporting losing baseball teams. Regardless, I love the game and will live with the famous cry of the Red Sox fans and the old Dodger fans, “Wait until next year”. 🙂

    Listening to sports on the radio is a treat that’s been forgotten. When Harry Caray was the announcer of the Chicago White Sox in 1973, I would love to watch a game he called from the back of his radio booth. Most of the time Harry’s calls and the play on the field didn’t always agree. “Holy Cow, we were robbed of a home run by the center fielder reaching over the wall for the ball”. In reality it was routine flyball to center field. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      We actually hit 72˚ today. It was a lovey day. We had rain last night but not much. I aways chuckle when you mentioned falling when it is 81˚. That is a hot August day to me.

      You still have a long way to go to match the sufferings of us Sox fans for so many years, 85 years. I don’t even think anyone said next year. I know the Rangers have been good in the past. I guess you can never give up hoping.

      I was in Africa when the Mets won the series. I don’t think I even knew about it. That is a series I would have loved watching.

      The current Red Sox announcer is old school. Joe Castiglione has been the Sox broadcaster since 1983. He was even in the movie Fever Pitch about the Sox. His son, Duke Castiglione, is the current Sports Anchor on Channel 5 in Boston.

      You are so right about how descriptive the announcers were back then. Johnny Most was notorious for his announcing.

      • Bob Says:


        You have to remember that if you place a pencil over Dallas Texas on a globe and then rotate the globe westward. Then, your pencil will be in the middle of the Sahara desert. Boston is at 42° North while Dallas is at 32° North.

      • katry Says:

        Thanks, Bob. I did not know that.

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