“A mask you ask? Optional I find! Masks lend appeal of a mysterious kind.”

This morning I woke up early, early for me anyway. It was just nine. The sun was shining in a clear sky. It is nearly two hours later, and the clouds have taken over the sky. The wind is blowing. Rain is predicted for this afternoon and evening.

The last of the flowers have bloomed in my garden. I don’t know what they are, but I always look forward to their blooming. I always think of those flowers as the last kisses of summer.

Yesterday was a banner day. I made it to the dump, and the two guys that always help unload my car were there. One took out all the bags of cans and newspapers and all the empty boxes stacked in my backseat. He marveled at the number of boxes. Next I stopped at the trash receptacles. My guy was there, and he unloaded my trunk mostly filled with heavy bags of used cat litter. I drove home with an empty car. I went to my little library next and did some housekeeping. I arranged the books, sent the bugs scurrying, added a Halloween decoration to the window and left some bookmarks I had bought. The library was full and most of them were books added by my fellow bibliophiles. I took one.

The last afternoon miracle was after I was outside on the deck with the dogs. I looked down into my yard, and the area closest to the deck looked like a vacant lot in the city. Nala had brought all sorts of paper outside and torn it apart. Some papers had been there since before the last rain. I lost it then and went into the yard and cleaned up all the papers. The toilet paper she had torn apart last week was stuck to the ground and the driveway by the rain. I admit I cursed a little.

I talk out loud to the dogs, to the TV and to no one. As of yet, only Nala has answered me, and she was not happy.

When I was a kid, the plans for Halloween started early. My friend and I would discuss costume choices while we walked to school. She usually bought a costume from Woolworth’s. Those costumes were worn over your clothes and tied in the back. The masks were hot to wear and ugly. The elastic holder on the masks snapped easily. We never had store bought costumes. They were expensive for four kids, but I didn’t mind. My mother was creative. If I came up with an idea, she came up with a costume. Over the years I was a ghost, a hobo, a witch and a cowgirl. Mostly I didn’t wear a mask. Instead, my mother put make-up on me befitting my costume choice. As for our goodie bags, they got bigger as we grew. My last few goodie bags were pillow cases. I dreamed of candy over-flowing my pillowcase, but that never happened. I’m still a bit disappointed.

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6 Comments on ““A mask you ask? Optional I find! Masks lend appeal of a mysterious kind.””

  1. Christer. Says:

    Quite the opposite weather here. It started with heavy showers, so bad that I for a while decided I’d rather come late to work than to go out into it 🙂 🙂 The afternoon was sunny and warm.

    I’ve given up on paper that Alma brought outside but I’ve noticed that my lawn mower does a great job with it 🙂 🙂 Can’t be seen at all after I’ve mowe dit 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Hi Christer,
      We had heavy showers starting around 3. I got soaked taking the dogs back to the car after the vets. It stopped for a while then started again. It is supposed to get cold. Now it is down to 62˚and more showers are in the prediction.

      My yard was embarrassing with so many papers. Nala tears things into little pieces. I caught her with more stuff this afternoon. She is taking stuff off shelves to chew on. It is a good thing my yard is fenced so the neighbors don’t see.

      Have a wonderful day!

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today is similar to yesterday with a high of only 93° and some clouds. Rain is forecasted for tonight and scattered storms through the weekend.

    Everything is right with the world because the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 21 to 41. They had every living Cowboy Hall of Fame player in attendance for the home opener . They also had 90,000 fans mostly without masks.

    When I was kid as well as when my kids were young Halloween preparation begins early. It’s not even October first and my daughter has been talking about her costume for days. We plan on leaving the candy in a bowl at the end of the driveway and wave to the kids as we did last year. My daughter and I don’t need to go trick or treating since we have enough candy in the house. In our old neighborhood, one neighbor used to offer the parents a plastic cup of champagne along with candy for the kids.

    The only excitement today was that I got my annual flu shot at work. This year I went for the over 65 version for the first time. In the past I always stayed with for the regular flu vaccine.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      It poured, and I got soaked. I was putting the dogs in the car. It didn’t work out well and Henry and I got soaked. We had thunder and jagged bolts of lightning. It was pretty dramatic.

      The Pats are just not doing well. I usually watch, but I forgot to on Sunday. Brady plays here next. I wonder how he’ll be received at Foxborough.

      Halloween is growing year by year because of consumer spending. Think of all those costumes and all that candy, not forgetting decorations, parties and who knows what else. Halloween is fun. I understand your daughter’s excitement getting to figure out what she wants to wear for Halloween. Now she has a whole month to figure it out.

      I have to get my flu shot yet. I’ll have to go to CVS. They have elk-ins for shots I also want to get a shingle shot. I figure I’ll protect myself from everything!

  3. lilydark Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I’ll talk to anything, mostly my cats, the TV, my toys, myself and the list continues.
    It’s getting cooler here and also darker, which I don’t like.
    For Halloween my mom always dressed me as a ballerina– since we already had the outfit from when I was given ballet lessons. I was a complete klutz ( still am).
    One year four of went as characters from Little Women and I got to be Jo. No one guessed, and when we told them they were not impressed.
    Love the picture you put on Furbook of your two puppies!
    Take Care,
    Lori and Ms. Cookie

    • katry Says:

      Hi Lori,
      I critique television. I also correct grammar on TV. Mostly I talk to the dogs as they are always around me.

      My sister went as a ballerina and also wore her tutu. I can’t remember how either of my two sisters usually dressed for Halloween.

      How did you ever find dresses from the time the four March sisters wore them? The dresses in the movie were so flouncy with petticoats. Where you bobbed hair or pre-bobbed hair Jo?

      Take care!!
      Kat and the beasties.

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