“Let sleeping dogs lie – who wants to rouse ’em?”

The morning started out sunny. The clouds took over for a bit then the sun returned but disappeared quickly. I think that will be the pattern though cloudy is the forecast. It is warm and humid. It is 83˚, but a wind is keeping it from being oppressive.

My slipper, the one with the hole, has disappeared. It was on the floor by my bed last night. I doubt it left voluntarily. I checked under the bed and in the yard. I didn’t find it. Later I’ll do a more comprehensive hunt.

Lately I have been a bit bored. Nothing holds my interest too long. I jump from activity to activity. The laundry pile is getting tall enough for mountain status. The kitchen floor is filled with paw prints. The dust in this room is thick, Miss Havisham type dust. The plants cry out for water when I walk by them. My sheets are ready to walk themselves to the cellar. I need to get motivated.

My dump run is slated for today as it is closed Tuesday and Wednesday. The only trash bags waiting to be hauled to the car are filled with used cat litter, heavy used cat litter. I need a Sherpa.

When I was growing up, we lived in a project. We even called it the project. Each house was a duplex, one side the mirror image of the other. We never thought of project as a pejorative word. It was just our house. The five rooms were sort of small. In the kitchen we all couldn’t sit at the table, squeezed against the wall, at the same time, just the four of us kids ate together. That was okay as my mother aways ate at the counter, and my father got home late. The living room was where we spent most of the time. The TV was there, in the corner of the room, mostly across from the couch. The living room had a picture window. Upstairs were the three bedrooms and the bath. My room overlooked the back and side yards. The double bed I shared with my sister took up a good deal of space. The rest was taken up with a desk and a bureau. I never used my desk much. My mother and father brought it down to me here. It is in the cellar piled with boxes. I haven’t any space. We had a huge cellar where my mother did her washing and where we sometimes played when it rained. The Christmas boxes and some toys and games were also stored in the cellar. The house I live in by myself is bigger than the house where the six of us lived for a long while, before we moved here to the cape.

Everything is quiet. I can hear only the rustling of leaves from the backyard when the tree branches twist in the wind. The dogs are having their morning naps. Even pesky Nala is quiet and probably dreaming about chewing slippers.

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4 Comments on ““Let sleeping dogs lie – who wants to rouse ’em?””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    The sky is partly cloudy and the high temperature should reach 95°. The higher temperature than yesterday is due to Tropical Storm Ida. The storm is moving northward and we are located on the west side. This will give us sinking air which is warmer than the rising air on the east side of the storm.

    I certainly understand procrastination. I live by the rule, “Why not put off until tomorrow anything that you can do today”. 🙂 In Mexico they just say, “Mañana”.

    We lived in apartments until my parents bought a home in 1955. All of those apartments had only two bedrooms and my sister and I had to share a bedroom. The house had both a formal living room, formal dining room, den, kitchen, three bedrooms and two full bathrooms. My parents never furnished the living room and my sister and I used it as a playroom. Shortly after moving in my father had a contractor put in a patio. My dad had him smooth out the concrete which enabled my sister and I used it as a roller rink.

    Occasionally, I drive by that old house to see if it’s been torn down. The neighborhood is having a renaissance and the homes which built in the 1940s and 50s are being razed and replaced by McMansions, (a much larger house usually with two stories squeezed onto a small lot. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I do not want anything over 80˚. Today is just ugly and too humid. I wish it would rain and clear the air.

      I do use my hand on tables and such when I go by them. It always get dusty. I have to get moving though today’s weather doesn’t lend itself to exertion.

      We left the project when we moved to the cape. Our house had a living room, dining room and four bedrooms, two down and two up. My brother and I slept downstairs. My brother always used his window to sneak out at night. I didn’t use mine.

      I have seen all of those McMansions on TV. They don’t appeal to me. They are all too similar looking and monstrous. I love my little house.

      I often drive by the project just to remember.

  2. lilydark Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Your life sounds like mine. I wish my laundry would just get up and walk to the washer and dryer in the back of the apartment.
    Your slipper might be where my one sock is ( it also has a hole in it). If I find it I’ll send it to you.
    I like the word Mañana”.
    Sometimes I’d like to drive by the house I grew up in. Most often I’d like to go the beach where I spent my summers.
    Take Care,
    Lori and Ms. Cookie

    • katry Says:

      Hi Lori,
      I think if my washer and dryer were on this floor I would do my laundry more often. I just hate the two flights of stairs to the cellar.

      Please do keep your sock if you find it or maybe use it as a bank. It already has a hole.

      My sister lives in the same town where my old house is so I go by it every now and then. It looks the same, but the trees and bushes are so grown they are far taller than the house.

      Be safe!

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